A day in the life of folk singer Nadia Reid

Nadia Reid aged 7, with her mum Karin Reid, a local jazz singer in Dunedin.

Nadia Reid aged 7, with her mum Karin Reid, a local jazz singer in Dunedin.

Each week, we ask a high-profile New Zealander to share a photo memory. Nadia Reid is a Dunedin-based singer-songwriter, whose sophomore album, Preservation, is out this month.

We had that car - that Triumph - and I used to be so embarrassed of it. I'd hate getting picked up from school in it because in my mind it was this old, very uncool car. Now when I look back on it I'm like: that is such a cool car. I think it was a 1970s or 80s model. It didn't last for very long, it was quite old.

I was always in the front seat because it was just her and I. I'm her only child and I spent the majority of my childhood with her - as well as my dad, my dad's awesome and totally present in my life. She can be pretty kooky, kind of loud. I think I'm a little more softly spoken. My mum used to cut my hair and cut my fringe, and probably cut her own hair, too.

Nadia Reid will embark on her New Zealand tour later this month

Nadia Reid will embark on her New Zealand tour later this month

I would have been seven in that photo. It was taken on Stuart St outside our house, we lived at 318. It was before we moved to Port Chalmers, we lived there for a few years. She's from England originally, London. She's lived here for like, 26 years.

We were on our way to my school production and the hand signals I'm doing was something out of the dance we were doing. We had to do a dance from the 50s. I was at Arthur St Normal School.

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My mum and I keep our personal relationship and our musical lives quite separate. Her musical stuff's come quite late in life. She was doing plays and stuff when I was a child, I'd go to see her. I've seen her perform a handful of times. We don't talk about it too much.

We see each other about once a week. She's really into juicing at the moment. I'll often get a nice fresh juice when I go around. When we go out for lunch we like to go to the Standard Kitchen in Dunedin. It's on Princes St. I think it's one of the best Dunedin cafes.

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A little bit after this photo was taken - after a year of begging, she allowed me to have a dog. She took me to the pound and I got to choose one. I had the dog for like, 14 years. She was a white Border Collie, seven months' old. I saw her and she was the one. Possibly that was the most exciting moment of my life - getting to bring her home.

She was called Poppy. She was terrified of cats.

She is painted on a bus stop in Port Chalmers. I don't know who painted her. I came home after being away for ages and it was just there. It's on Meridian St. We put her down a year and a half ago. She was so old and she was ready to go.

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