Adele helps man propose to his boyfriend during final Australian show video

Adele says she didn't know the proposal was coming.

Adele says she didn't know the proposal was coming.

When she isn't getting attacked by mosquitoes or complaining about the balmy Australian weather, Adele it seems, is preparing for a new life as a part-time marriage celebrant.

During the last show of her Australian tour in Melbourne, Adele randomly plucked an audience member by the name of Chris from the crowd and asked him to join her on stage. 

The fan's boyfriend also joined him on stage and - much to Adele and Chris's surprise - got down on one knee in front of 77,000 cheering Melburnians. 

The moment the proposal happened.

The moment the proposal happened.

Thankfully, Chris said yes. Etihad Stadium, understandably, went wild. The British singer threw her arms up in the air and gave the newly-engaged couple a big bear hug.

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"I had no idea that was going to happen," she told the crowd. "So that was unplanned, I had no idea there, Chris. I'm sorry."

After goggling at the engagement ring - and remarking "Oh, that is sharp" - Adele offered her congratulations to the pair.

"Thank you for coming to the show, I hope you enjoy it," she said. "Thank you for doing that, that was emotional."

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Emotions were certainly running high during the concert, with the 15-time Grammy-award winner telling off a security guard who was ordering screaming fans to sit down mid-show.

"If I see one more person being told to sit down, I swear to god," she said.

The impassioned performance topped off a wildly successful few weeks for the British singer, who impressed audiences all over the country with her honesty and wit.

The numerous "Adele" moments have apparently worked a treat, with industry insiders speculating the star could be pulling in around $1 million minimum per show. First, there was that moment at one of her Brisbane concerts where she confirmed she was married to long-term partner Simon Konecki.

Then, she laughed off an incident where she almost tripped off stage thanks to the length of her dress. And there was also the infamous run-in with Brisbane mosquitoes ("They're all trying to kill me!").

Australians also learned that Adele is very self-depreciating, with Perth's weather making her sweat-off her makeup to reveal what she looks like "in real life". 

As Adele bids Australia farewell and makes her way to New Zealand, many will still be left wondering how someone so talented can be so incredibly down-to-earth. But perhaps, like the confetti cannons and tour T-shirts, it's just all part of the show.


 - Sydney Morning Herald


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