Young Kiwi singer makes tuneful bid for tickets to sold-out Ed Sheeran concert video

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10 year old girl Malaika Hollis has made a video in a bid to get to Ed Sheeran's concert.

A budding young Golden Bay singer has made a video in a bid to see Ed Sheeran live on his New Zealand tour.

Malaika Hollis, 10, said she was willing to play a song on stage for him as a fair exchange for tickets to one of his shows in Auckland and Dunedin next year.

She was sad and disappointed to discover tickets to her musical idol's 2018 tour had sold out before she even found out about it.

Malaika, 10, is willing to play on stage for Sheeran as a fair trade for getting tickets to his show.
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Malaika, 10, is willing to play on stage for Sheeran as a fair trade for getting tickets to his show.

"I told my dad and we thought we could make a video that he might see and I might be able to play at his concert or get tickets backstage – or just any tickets," she said.

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Ed Sheeran is Malaika's musical idol.

Ed Sheeran is Malaika's musical idol.

So Malaika's dad, award-winning children's musician Levity Beet, posted the video on Facebook of Malaika singing an Ed Sheeran song, with a caption that read:

"She's hoping if you share this post/video widely enough by some miracle of the internet Ed will see it and give her a couple of tickets ... she's willing to play a song with him on stage as a fair exchange."

In just a few days, Malaika has already clocked up 27,000 views and more than 360 shares. 

The video was made before it emerged yesterday that there were still tickets available to Sheeran's sixth show in Dunedin.

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Beet said today they were excited to find another concert had been scheduled since the original post, "but we're still keen to get Ed's attention and someone from the stadium in Auckland has contacted us, so we're still holding hope.

"We thought it was a long shot, but I've always encouraged long shots, especially if you're having fun in the process." 

Malaika said: "I've also never been to a live concert with a really famous person and I want to be a singer like him too when I'm older."

Malaika said she never expected the video to be so popular, and she was really grateful for all the support.

"After dad first posted it I was excited when it just had 100 views. Then a few days later it was 12,000, then it was over 20,000."

For the video, Malaika said she chose to sing an old Ed Sheeran song called Small Bump.

"It's about a baby dying and I didn't used to like listening to it because my brother was a baby then and in hospital getting lots of operations," she said. "It made me too sad to think about a baby dying so I used to always skip the song. But now he's grown up I really like it; it's really nice to play too."

Malaika grew up learning music from her dad, and has featured on his albums as a vocalist. 

She also plays guitar and sings in a band called Kids Setting Stuff on Fire.



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