Chvrches excited about Laneway

16:00, Jan 23 2014
CHVRCHES: (from left) Ian Cook, Lauren Mayberry, Martin Doherty.

The holy s**t moment for Martin Doherty came a few weeks back.

New Years Eve, home in Glasgow after 12 incredible months travelling, touring and watching his band Chvrches blow up worldwide, the synth man finally took the time to pinch himself.

"It's not often I take a step back and try and understand what's happened for us. It's been pretty crazy... it's been better to just go with it," he says.

But on New Years Eve, as the band's song  "The Mother We Share" played as part of the BBC's London fireworks display broadcast - with an estimated quarter of a million people watching from the banks of the river Thames and almost 14 million more viewers watching from the TV set at home -  Doherty finally felt something like awe.

"That was the first time I allowed myself to be blown away by everything that's going on," he says.

The three piece Glaswegian synthpop band will touch down on Kiwi shores this weekend ahead of the Laneway festival.

It will officially be the furthest away from home Doherty's ever been.

It's also the first time New Zealand fans of the band will get the chance to see Doherty, front woman Lauren Mayberry and guitarist/synth player Iain Cook live.

"I'm a big fan of the festival overall because its one of these festivals focussed a lot on new music - exciting music and acts - and gives them a chance to become festival headliners," Doherty says.

"It's not really a festival that throws millions and millions of pounds at the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as a headline - no disrespect to people who do that - but it's difficult for other bands, for younger bands to graduate if they don't get the opportunity and that's one of the things that's great about Laneway."

He's fangirling a bit over the other acts himself - he's a big fan of rapper Danny Brown and is hoping to catch up with girls from Haim and the boys from fellow Glaswegian band Frightened Rabbit.

Kiwi fans who've followed the bands success via the internet, where they caught their big break, can expect a high tempo live performance, Doherty says.

"It's fairly energetic, I think, and it's something where we play as much as it is humanly possible. It's important for us to give people a live show."

Chvrches was named as "one to watch" in 2013 by heavyweight titles like Rolling Stone and The Guardian, forcing the trio into the heightened spotlight over the last year.

The band formed at the end of 2011, but less than two years on the three were touring with bands like Depeche Mode and Passion Pit.

Then, after teasing fans with EPs and singles propelled by internet hype, they released their first full length album "The Bones of What You Believe" back in September.

If anyone's been watching, Doherty says, what they will have seen is a band that is maturing, growing up.

"More than anything, I think we've grown naturally together, nobody knew what this band could be in the live realm until we actually got out and started doing it."

"It's been crazy and it's been really encouraging for us ... we're still developing, learning and evolving in a way."

Next up, the band will play at Coachella, the 3-day music festival over two weekends in April in the United States.

Doherty, a massive fan of the festival, says its another pinch me moment in the making.

Quick Fire Questions:

If the internet exploded tomorrow, and you could only visit one more webpage for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Uhhhh, probably Buzzfeed. There's a lot of stuff on there and a lot of variety in entertainment.

I spend so much time on that Website. I start with light trolling on the homepage and what's going viral, what everyone else is reading. Uh, oh, I should have said something more intelligent shouldn't I?

What song do you wish you would have written?

Lover, You Should've Come Over by Jeff Buckley, an incredible piece of songwriting.

And [Guns and Roses'] Appetite for Destruction, that whole album.  

Favourite moment on the record?

We Sink. The chorus of We Sink is my favourite moment on the record just because its a moment of precious lyrical content married with the most potential accessible melody that brings contrast. (Doherty also lends his vocals on this track)