Elton John

Elton John heads for Wellington

Superstar entertainer Sir Elton John is following the Yellow Brick Road to Wellington.

Three at the top of their game


simon sweetman Who's your pick for someone with a 40 year career that is somehow seemingly getting better with each and every release?

The futility of defending Sting


simon sweetman There aren't many people in the music world more reviled than Sting.

Brooding and Barking


simon sweetman This isn't even really an album, it's a sonic Tumblr, a feelings chart. But there's little to no actual feeling in this album.

Watch: Katy Perry, age 17

Katy Perry Katy Perry, age 17, was strummy, folky, Christian - and completely self-obsessed.

Boyce Avenue charm Auckland

Boyce Avenue US band of brothers Boyce Avenue make teenagers swoon at Auckland's Powerstation.

Power of Broods

The one hour performance perfectly encapsulates what it means to be young, unsure and wistful.

McBoing Boing captivates

Beethoven triple treat

Album 'like a love letter'

Ariana Grande This album reminds me of a time when music was about that, the music, not about auto-tune.

Korn's best album yet

Metal fans rejoice - Korn is back with its finest work yet, Lucas Lormans writes.

CD review - The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug

Queen B's new album her best yet

A noisy, grunty debut EP

This is rock played like it should be, noisy and uncompromising, Jason Peters writes.

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