Album reviews

U2's free album = epic fail


U2's now-infamous auto-uploaded album wasn't bad musically, but as a marketing move it was a disaster.

A noisy, grunty debut EP

BDO 2012

This is rock played like it should be, noisy and uncompromising, Jason Peters writes.

Album 'like a love letter'

Ariana Grande

This album reminds me of a time when music was about that, the music, not about auto-tune.

Korn's best album yet


Metal fans rejoice - Korn is back with its finest work yet, Lucas Lormans writes.

CD review - The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug

CD review - The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug

REVIEW: Divorced from the film it accompanies, this double album doesn't scream Middle Earth quite as much as its predecessors.

Queen B's new album her best yet


REVIEW: Beyonce review: Queen B's surprise fifth album, Self-Titled Part 1 . The Visual Album, is her best yet

Review: Rewind the Film


The Manic Street Preachers are finally coming to terms with their own demons.

Album review: AM


It's been a disappointing year for music. But Rayhan Langdana finally found something great.

An absolute aural treat

 The Virginmarys, King of Conflict

The Virginmarys debut album yearns to be played up loud with the car windows down.

Britney 'plays it safe'


Britney Spears' latest offering is a solid and strong pop album, but it doesn't deliver anything new.

Chilled road trip music

These jams will get your toes tapping and your face grinning from ear-to-ear, Jason Peters says.

Album review: Amos Lee

Amos Lee

Amos Lee has one of the cleanest soul and country voices in music, Marcus Baird writes.

Album review: Arcade Fire


Arcade Fire's fourth studio album has had a huge amount of hype. But is it good?

A band with no ideals

Death grip

This whole album plays like a trip into an asylum on acid, Ryan Lindborg writes.

Album review: Males


This double EP of Dunedin guitar pop gathers nine effortlessly hummable power-pop gems.

Beats to bounce to work to


A perfect blend of light drum and bass and pop, #Listen is a hit with me.

Gaga a 'frustrating artist'

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga doesn't seem to be motivated to truly push the boundaries of pop.

CD review: Doctor Who - The Light at the End

CD review: Doctor Who - The Light at the End

REVIEW: It would be hard to realise such a story on film, as it can be hard for the scriptwriter to find enough for multiple Doctors to do.

Album review: Stan Walker

 Inventing Myself - Stan Walker


Inventing Myself does sound a lot more adventurous than Stan Walkers previous albums.

Review: Pearl Jam

Lightning Bolt - Pearl Jam

Lightning Bolt, the Seattle five-piece's 10th studio album, doesn't just articulate the band's sound, it subtly furthers it.

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