Album review: Sonido de LatinAotearoa

Sonido de LatinAotearoa
Sonido de LatinAotearoa


It's doubtful the creative catalysts behind LatinAotearoa - DJ Bobby Brazuka, Jennifer Zea and Isaac Aesili - could have made such a magical album on their own but together, well, they're a funky and sensual force of nature.

The title shouldn't be misconstrued as a Kiwi take on Latin music - Zea is originally from Venezuela and Brazuka from Chile while Aesili is homegrown - but it was brewed here and features an extraordinary Spanish version of Ladi6's Walk Right Up.

Aesili's unique approach to shimmering musical settings is particularly evident on Pina Colada and Oye Como Suenan, vocalist Zea is a ravishing revelation and Brazuka the brains and body behind the rhythm.  Magnifico.