Album review: Radio Candy - Symphony of Screams

17:00, Jul 08 2013
Radio Candy - Symphony of Screams
Radio Candy - Symphony of Screams

Symphony of Screams
(Triple A/Rhythmethod)

If this were real candy, it's the kind you'd be giving kids on Halloween.

The sophomore album from Auckland metal merchants Symphony of Screams, screams chugging guitars and churning solos, thick as pea soup rhythms and a lovely sense of melody that adds just enough elasticity to the tension.

The creeping crawler Singers Oil slithers along like a snake on steroids and a lyric line about the kind of fire and inspiration that should never tamed, while the Presidents of The United States make an appearance (well it's actually a snippet of a JFK speech and he was a president of the US) on Deceived, which is a subtle reference to the subversiveness of politics and a rallying call to be a(ware).

Brain and body food for metal heads.