Album review: Break the Mould - Holly Christina

02:59, Sep 30 2013
Break the Mould - Holly Christina
Break the Mould - Holly Christina

Holly Christina

If, like me, you've never heard of Holly Christina, it's time to wake up.

She might well be the most exciting singer-songwriter in hiding in New Zealand. Break The Mould is a thematic album Christina wrote as part of a project to empower students to "break the mould" and discover the real meaning of identity in a world turned inside out.

Google shows she has been quite prolific and travelled extensively both here and abroad.

What really stamps her as a songwriter is her ability to convey a message - the rap-happy Trillion Choices and the sex- versus-love tale that is Toy - that suggest hers has been a life of hard-earned insights.

Break The Mould might be directed at the young but yields ageless wisdom.


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