Review: Boyce Avenue charm Auckland


Boyce Avenue
Powerstation, Auckland

You may not have heard of Boyce Avenue, but at some stage you have probably stumbled over one of their covers.

Maybe it was send to you by a friend or you found it while browsing YouTube. It could have been the cover of Justin Timberlake's Mirrors which has almost 59 million views, or the ever popular Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars with over 25 millions views. Their YouTube channel has 5.1 million subscribers, more than Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, or Lady Gaga and they are the most subscribed band on all of YouTube.

Their first YouTube video was uploaded seven years ago - a fuzzy three minute clip of lead singer Alejandro Manzano singing Before It's Too Late by the Goo Goo dolls. Even without the fancy microphones and sound equipment they use now, Manzano's voice rings out true and clear, boasting his talent.

It's that talent which makes Boyce Avenue's stage show such a success. Made up of three brothers, Alejandro Manzano on lead vocals, guitar, and piano, Fabian on guitar and vocals and older brother Daniel on bass, percussion, vocals.

All three are talented musicians, but it's Alejandro Manzano's voice which brings it together. He puts everything he has into every song without missing a single note.  It's a wonder he can even talk at the end of the performance.

Saturday night's show at the Powerstation in Auckland was their first time in New Zealand and all three seemed pretty happy with their reception. In a room full of teenage girls camera flashes lit up the room when the opening act had left the stage as selfies were taken to commemorate the night.

When Boyce Avenue strode on stage in matching crisp white shirts, the squeals and screams were deafening. Alejandro Manzano let a small smile slip out before shouting "New Zealand!" into the microphone and launching into their song Speed Limit off their new EP No Limits.

They mainly played their new songs with a few covers scattered through, and only a few acoustic ones. The biggest cheers came when they played their well-known cover of Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. 

A somber moment came when the band played their song Briane, dedicated to anyone who had ever lost someone, and their uncle who had died suddenly the night before. The room hushed and everyone listened to every word.

For a band who found their niche doing acoustic covers, the songs from their EP aren't what you would expect. It's mainstream music as they try to break into the market, a totally different style to the acoustic covers which first brought them recognition.

That's not to say Boyce Avenue won't be successful. Fabian and Daniel Manzano are talented musicians, who wrote some of the songs themselves, and Alejandro Manzano's voice is perfect for any genre of music. 

Their songs are strong, relatable and definitely catchy. Plus they do acoustic versions of their songs, so there is something for everyone.