Review: Evanescence live at Vector

GOING UNDER: Evanescence singer Amy Lee performs in Brazil last year.
GOING UNDER: Evanescence singer Amy Lee performs in Brazil last year.

Goths, punks and women in leather appeared in droves at Auckland's Vector Arena  last night to hear award-winning band Evanescence.

But it was a dormant crowd which singer Amy Lee had to entice with her resonant voice and superb vocals that stymied the night.

New Zealand has been eagerly awaiting the five-piece Arkansas band's return since their last concert in 2007.

Generation X-ers, men in studs and girls in capes all took up invitation to hear Lee's vocals and were not disappointed.

But long intermissions and poor audience atmosphere made Lee's job tough to begin with.  

Evanescence took to the stage around 9pm after Blaqk Audio raced through their set-list and left the crowd loitering for half an hour.

The band began with hit song What You Want from self-titled album released in October last year.

For most bands it seems albums disappoint as they progress but with Evanescence the development just improves.

And hearing Lee's voice - it's true texture and pitch - in a live environment was a treat and experience in itself.

A polished light show set the scene for the band's performance which was absolutely on point with refined, sharp acoustics.

The band played  a number songs from their previous albums, Fallen and The Open Door including Bring Me To Life and Weight of the World which brought cheers from the crowd.

Lee also played Lost in Paradise on the piano and it was enough to bring tears to your eyes.

The best thing about Lee's voice is that it isn't swallowed up by the audience or fellow band members when she sings live - her vocality is a true reflection on her art and nothing is lost in translation.

I've often wondered how she holds her sonorous notes but I'm happy to keep wondering. Lee is simply amazing and an icon to those who aspire to sing like her.

The band kept the crowd on its toes with all the hits from their recent album but when classic song Bring Me To Life began the cheering was almost unbelievable.

From the performance at Vector, it is evident that the reformation of the band over the years hasn't splintered the woodwork behind the scenes.

By the encore performance lighters were flaring up around the floor in tribute and Evanescence were once again celebrated for being the legendary band they are - 15 years after conception.

Their performance was simply unbeatable and I would buy a dozen tickets to hear Evanescence play again - just to hear Lee's remarkable voice.

I feel like I'm a little bit lost in paradise.

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