Review: Between Zero and One

Last updated 09:29 11/03/2014

THEY'VE GOT RHYTHM: Strike had a packed crowed at St James Theatre in raptures.

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Between Zero and One: Strike Percussion and John Psathas

St James Theatre, March 10

I must admit it is quite a few years since I experienced Strike, and it is clear they have come a very long way since. All five members, under the direction of founding member Murray Hickman, now marry their awesome percussion skills with a feel for theatre that had the packed St James in raptures.

And it was quite an audience - every age group you can think of was there - and they not only lapped everything up but contributed to the demands of Strike to participate in the most uninhibited and rhythmically complex way.

The overall show was - I assume, as there was no programme - entirely created by John Psathas.

At least that is what the festival brochure says, yet it was only certain pieces in which I would have laid money on Psathas.

There was one gentle piece with instruments that looked like they came from Dr Who but sounded like Gamelan, played with marimbas, and the biggest number that had every influence you can think of, but dominated by Greece, North Africa and all things Mediterranean.

The superbly organised video by the talented Tim Gruchy showed musicians from all round the world. They were recorded and Strike was live on stage, yet the coordination and balances were startlingly accurate.

There were a number of other super clever pieces, including one that would have done Monty Python proud, but many would have loved most the incredible energy (and huge decibels) of the opening and closing numbers.

There is no doubt in my mind that Strike can go further overseas - I could imagine the Edinburgh Festival loving this to bits.

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