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Judge Judy's lasting appeal

JUDGE JUDY: Judy Sheindlin has extended her contract with CBS through 2020.

Judy Sheindlin is the highest-paid person on TV and only works 52 days a year. And now we have her through to 2020.

A mystery man of many parts

MAN OF MANY TALENTS: Acting is just one of the many strings to Hisham Tawfiq's bow.

The Blacklist’s Dembe Zuma is a man of few words and one of great mystery. Actor Hisham Tawfiq sheds some light.

First glimpse of Keisha Castle-Hughes in Game of Thrones video

Keisha Castle-Hughes

Game of Thrones fans have had their first glimpse of Kiwi actress Keisha Castle-Hughes in her new role.

X Factor: Ridicule and rejection video

Stan tells Nyssa that he loves her.

Last night's episode of the X Factor was a rollercoaster ride of ridicule and rejection which ultimately leaves a bad taste.

'Sexist' Mainland Tactix radio ad taken off the air

POOR TACTIX: Canterbury-based netball team gets off to a losing start in the trans-Tasman league last night, beaten on-court by the Mystics and off it by the public in an outcry over a sexist radio ad.

Netball team scraps "Tall girls, long legs, short skirts, lots of bounce" radio ad.

Watch: Opo the dolphin

Opo the dolphin

Opo the dolphin died in March 1956. NZ On Screen's footage of Opo shows a happy summer, playing with crowds of people.

Gjokaj surprised by Marvel fans video

Enver Gjokaj portrays Agent Daniel Sousa in the new television series Marvel's Agent Carter. He talks with James Croot about the role, and the challenges his character has to face.

Agent Carter’s Enver Gjokaj talks to James Croot about crutches, Marvel characters and cutting a rug in the 1940s.

Homer Simpson predicted the 'God Particle'

Homer celebrating with Bender in a Simpsons crossover episode

The doughnut-eating doh-machine that is Homer Simpson may be a bit smarter than we all thought.

Club provides plenty of entertainment

IN THE CLUB: Crammed with storylines and characters and recognisable faces.

I admire the pregnant women in In The Club, who, despite enough personal problems to keep Jeremy Kyle in shows for a decade, always find time to attend their ‘‘parent craft’’ classes.

Netflix launch date revealed

ON DEMAND: Netflix has announced the launch date for its New Zealand service.

Netflix will launch its New Zealand service on March 24, the company announced today. 

X Factor: Swinging the axe

OVER YOU GO: Mel makes the calls.

Willy and Mel swing the axe as they prune the groups and over 25s.

Has SNL's Isis skit gone too far?

NOT FUNNY? Dakota Johnson in the controversial SNL sketch.

It's hard to imagine under what context Saturday Night Live's writers might have thought an Isis skit would be funny. 

Intense 'crime' leaves its mark on video

Felicity Huffman on American Crime.

Felicity Huffman spent eight years playing Lynette Scarvo on Desperate Housewives but she’s happy to have spent only four months on her latest project.

TVNZ posts $19.8m profit

TVNZ Auckland HQ

But the state-owned broadcaster says it grabbed a bigger slice of a 'weak' TV ad market.

Pio Terei is walking the talk

'WE'RE LUCKY MAN: Pio Terei on the Te Araroa Trail on Auckland's North Shore.

Pio Terei doesn't want to be a "Reo Nazi". He's not the language police. But man, when someone massacres a beautiful Maori word, it's like fingernails scraping down a blackboard.

X Factor ratings plunge after controversy

HARD AT WORK: The X Factor judging panel

The X Factor NZ has delivered its lowest ratings to date in the face of last week's controversy involving a manslaughter-convicted contestant.

Kelly O is leaving Fashion Police

MOVING ON: Kelly Osbourne is leaving the Fashion Police.

E! has confirmed Kelly Osbourne is leaving their hit show, Fashion Police. But who will replace her?

X Factor: Outrage and tears video

X Factor judging panel: Just like the Hunger Games without the killing...

Last night's episode of the X Factor raised too many questions, produced too many tears and made a wrong decision.

Kardashians ‘threatened to leave E!’

DRIVING A HARD BARGAIN: Kris Jenner with her daughters Kim Kardashian (C) and  Kourtney.

Kris Jenner played “major hardball” to negotiate the Kardashians’ new mega contract with E!, it has been claimed.

Review: Doctor Who – The Early Adventures – An Ordinary Life

Doctor Who - The Early Adventures - An Ordinary Life is half ordinary and half Doctor Who

This Doctor lite audio story is a bit too ordinary at first, but things get interesting in the second half.

X Factor sorry for Brider interview

Controversial X-Factor contestant Shae Brider at his Masterton home.

X Factor has apologised for upsetting the family of a manslaughter victim by featuring one of his killers.

The ubiquitous Mr Latta

Psychologist Nigel Latta says he isn't always right.

Psychologist Nigel Latta says he is just as flawed as anyone else, and there are things even he wishes he'd never said.

Rose McIver is about to become dead famous

Even hot sauce hasn't made iZombie's "brains" a taste sensation for leading lady Rose McIver.

Usually eating a lot of noodles is a sure sign your acting career isn't going well.

X-Factor outrage

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - JANUARY 29:  Simon Cowell attends the Manchester auditions for Britain's Got Talent at The Lowry on January 29, 2015 in Manchester, England.  (Photo by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images)

Show creator Simon Cowell adds to pressure on TV3 by questioning its judgment on contestant with manslaughter conviction.

Experts on Our First Home

Sara Hartigan and Eva Nash.

Resident property experts Sara Hartigan and Eva Nash (above) have been there and done that when it comes to what the Our First Home families are going through.

Golden run for Blacklist star

GOLDEN RUN: Diego Klattenhoff as Donald Ressler.

Actor Diego Klattenhoff cannot believe his lucky streak - working on Homeland and then following that up with another hit series in The Blacklist.

Luddington scrubs up well

POPULAR FIGURE: Camilla Luddington plays Jo Wilson in medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

She's played everyone from Catherine Middleton to Lara Croft, but British actress Camilla Luddington is best known for her role in Grey's Anatomy.

Nigel Latta is on thin ice

ON THIN ICE: Nigel Latta on location in Antarctica.

If the science community is looking for a high-profile flag-bearer for more funding, it has found one in Nigel Latta, but he's On Thin Ice with that crusade.

Balancing act for Debra

Debra Messing in The Mysteries Of Laura.

Will & Grace actress Debra Messing returns as NYPD homicide detective who cracks case after case while raising unruly twin boys.

Tension on a knife-edge

GRIEF-STRICKEN: Jodie Whittaker as Beth Latimer in Broadchurch.

Although Jodie Whittaker revels in her Broadchurch role as the grief-stricken mother of a murdered boy, there are elements of her character which she doesn't like.

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