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The best TV lines of the year

HIGHLY QUOTABLE: Game of Thrones

TV produces endlessly quotable lines. Here are some of the best of the year.

Christmas with the stars

Christmas with the stars

We asked a host of international and local stars how they will be celebrating the festive season.

Coro St far from escapism

CROWD CONTROLLER: Behavioural psychologist Daniel Pink. No, he’s not in Coronation St.

Television, it has often been said, represents escapism, particularly when your lot in life isn't so flash.

Second season for Thunderbirds

CLASSIC KITSCH: The original Thunderbirds series was known and loved for its awkward puppetry.

Another season of Thunderbirds remake commissioned before first even screens on network TV.

Review: The Worlds of Doctor Who

WHO'S THERE: The World of Doctor Who.

These audio adventures are not set on four different planets but in different spin off audio adventures from Big Finish Productions' Doctor Who range of stories.

Hot Seat contestant's embarrassing fail video

THAT MOMENT: Whitney Beseler realises her mistake

Whitney Beseler will remember her stint on the Millionaire Hot Seat as the most embarrassing moment of her life.

TV Guide's top 5 picks


Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week.

What Doctor Who and Bond have in common video

Hushed reverence: Peter Capaldi as the Doctor in the Christmas episode.

With so many tropes in the Doctor Who universe, making an episode isn't easy, but once a year they are dispensed with during the show's much-loved Christmas special.

GoT's Snapchat-style campaign

Blink an you'll miss it ... <i>Game of Thrones</i>' Three-Eyed Raven teaser.

HBO appears to be borrowing from the book of Snapchat for its latest Game of Thrones teaser campaign, deleting a tantalising vision of season five released to fans after just one viewing.

Two Billys and a Goodnight Kiwi

Billy T

This week brings us the Billy T "first contact" sketches, the anniversary of the Queen's 1953 visit, and a Christmas message from the Goodnight Kiwi.

Family Feud's priceless answer video

THOUGHT PROVOKING: Gene Steurk on Family Feud.

The audience surely didn't expected this answer when Gene was asked to name "something that has to be licked".

The best TV dramas of 2014

HOMELAND: Mad Carrie (Claire Danes) keeps you watching.

Happy Valley, The Fall, Homeland and Brokenwood Mysteries are among the TV dramas to blame for a Christmas predicament.

Live blog: The Amazing Race


With only four legs left, The Amazing Race is really heating up as the teams head from Malta to Singapore.

Bilbo Baggins joins The Office video

The Hobbit/The Office mash-up

The two worlds could hardly be more different - the fictional realm of Middle-earth and the all too familiar setting of The Office.

A chance to find love?

FUN TIMES: Juan Pablo Galavis, the bachelor in the most recent US series, and contestants visited  the central North Island in February to film part of their show.

NZ remake of TV "reality" show The Bachelor condemned as creepy.

Outrageous love for Westie wheels


They're not your usual stage mums - but when the television cameras turn on their "babies", Kathy Jarrett and Shelby Ryan couldn't be prouder.

The best TV shows of 2014

Claire Danes as agent Carrie Mathison in Homeland.

OPINION: Aimie Cronin picks her top five TV series of the year. Do you agree?

TVNZ outsourcing Maori, Pacific shows


TVNZ contract out the production of almost all of its Maori and Pacific programmes to four independent production companies in an outsourcing move first flagged in October.

Looking for love on TV

A Blenheim woman says it's hard finding love in a small town, so she applied to get on NZ’s first season of The Bachelor.

TV Guide's top 5

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy.

Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week.

Cosby, Swift to 'star' in South Park video

Bill Cosby and Taylor Swift in South Park

Bill Cosby is coming to South Park. The trailer for the show's Christmas episode is featuring the embattled comedian on a couch alongside Taylor Swift.

Ratings are enemy of quality shows

Netflix and other streaming services have been blamed for a decline in traditional TV viewing.

Ratings have crushed quality TV by building a culture in which networks are dependent on numbers, according to Netflix boss Ted Sarandos.

GoT nipple armour was an accident

NOT THRILLED: Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton isn't a fan of nippled armour.

The designer of Game of Thrones costumes that caused a stir when photos from the set were leaked was not happy with their distinct accessories.

Dude offers to be eaten again (spoiler)

Paul Rosalie holds the anaconda.

Eaten Alive's Paul Rosolie makes amends for failed anaconda stunt by offering to get eaten by something else.

Obama 'takes over' Colbert video

TAKING OVER: US President Barack Obama tells Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert that he doesn't get wrapped up in his status because his family teases him “mercilessly”.

US President Barack Obama has slipped into the role of late night talk show host, nudging Stephen Colbert away from his perch.

A lady Doctor for the Tardis?

Who knows? Current incumbent Peter Capaldi may be followed by a female Doctor.

Is there a lady doctor in the Tardis? Doctor Who producer Steven Moffat says that may well be some time soon.

This TV host can't take furries video

LOSING IT: Mika Brzezinski has just learned what a furry is.

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski totally lost it while reporting on a furry convention.

Get out of the way, Chuck!

CRIME AGAINST ENTERTAINMENT HUMANITY: Charlie Sheen wants to be in the last episode of Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Sheen thinks Chuck Lorre is about to commit a "crime against entertainment humanity".

Feisty Muldoon and Forever Tuesday

FEISTY: Robert Muldoon is being interviewed by Simon Walker in 1976

This week brings us the release of the final Hobbit movie, 30 years of the Mockers, and we remember controversial PM Robert Muldoon’s feistiest TV interview.

Addams Family's Pugsley dies

UNFORGOTTEN: Ken Weatherwax, who played the child character Pugsley on The Addams Family television series in the 1960s, has died.

Ken Weatherwax, who played the child character Pugsley on "The Addams Family" television series in the 1960s, has died. He was 59.