An honest killer

SWEET MAN: Actor Barry Sloane
SWEET MAN: Actor Barry Sloane

Barry Sloane believes Aidan Mathis is just misunderstood.

Speaking on the Los Angeles set of the drama Revenge, the 33-year-old Liverpudlian says while he is "probably not the guy you should take home to meet Mummy because he's killed six people, he's very honest, he's truthful and he wears his heart on his sleeve".

"What you see is what you get. He's actually a sweet lovely man," says Barry, a former star of Holby City and Hollyoaks.

Barry has enjoyed expanding the character this season and exploring Aidan's complicated relationship with the main character Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp).

"At the start of the season we didn't really know where his loyalties lay because he had his fingers in so many pies. But he's crazy in love with Emily and 100 per cent behind her now because he wants her revenge mission to work."

Working with Emily has been a breeze, says Barry - "we clicked from the first scene".

"She's a great actress and we have terrific chemistry."

After a troubled second season where critics and fans (and some of the actors) all struggled with the direction of the show, this season's reset has brought a smile back to the face of everyone connected with Revenge.

"We seem to have got outdoors a lot more this season," enthuses Barry. "We're out of the office and back on the beaches. It's been great to be out in the real world and have that scope and scale."

He also promises the second-half of the season will introduce a lot more darkness.

"I remember the back half of the first season the whole show seemed to go grey and this seemed to mirror that. There's less technical stuff, less office drama and more what people loved about the show in the first place - more sex. I think I've worn less clothes this season. Maybe they worked out what my strength was - taking my shirt off."

Sloane says that while the writers are incredibly collaborative, they are also incredibly talented and "it's not my job to write it".

"I can't imagine how they juggle all the storylines, they must have post-it notes everywhere.

"We get the scripts about a week-and-a-half before we start shooting which is enough time to put our thoughts across.

"However, with television on this kind of schedule there is a lot of pulling rabbits out of a hat going on so we do it on the spot and trust in what's been written."

Married to UK Project Catwalk contestant Katy O'Grady since 2010 (daughter Gracie Bluebell was born the same year), the fanatical Liverpool FC fan says he never planned on a career in America.

"I was lucky enough to go to Broadway with a play and it all went from there. While I love TV, I do miss the stage. It's the only medium where actors have 100 per cent control. The director can only scribble notes while you're performing."

When asked whether he worries about Aidan being killed off, Sloane is sanguine.

"We're in Revenge - everyone's on borrowed time. We just go from week to week. Actually, not knowing is great it means you're playing in the moment."

After being told of The Walking Dead ritual that departing actors are given a bottle of whisky, Sloane laughs. "I hope I get a bottle of whisky. Here you just seem to disappear violently."

News that he has been tapped to star in new ABC pilot The Visitors (a sci-fi epic produced by Steven Spielberg) may mean that disappearance comes sooner rather than later.

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