TV Guide's top 5 this week

17:00, May 21 2014
The TV Guide

Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week.

Bye, bye, Bill
After more than a quarter of a century on screen, the long-running British cop series The Bill has drawn to a close. Well, actually it drew to a close four years ago in the UK but we're only just getting to see the finale here this week. The producers threw the kitchen sink at this two-parter, using every character then in the cast in a story culminating in a dramatic car chase and huge explosion. Cop that - and farewell to a TV legend. (UKTV, Friday, 8pm)

One last trick up her sleeve
One of the strongest female characters on TV for years bids adieu this week when Detective Sergeant Sandra Pullman decides she has had enough of police work in New Tricks. Amanda Redman made the decision to quit the show after James Bolam and Alun Armstrong had already gone and the storyline guarantees some fireworks as her character takes on one last cold case for UCOS. Sandra Pullman was never going to go quietly! (Prime, Saturday, 7.30pm)

Shopping a villain
Well, hasn't that villainous Lord Loxley been an absolute cad and a bounder in Mr Selfridge lately? Never fear - the awful aristocrat looks like he might finally get his comeuppance in the final episode this week, as Lady Mae searches for the vital evidence that would clear Harry Selfridge's name and drop her hateful hubby right in it. All's well that ends well, then? Maybe not, as the Selfridges have another crisis waiting in the wings. (TV1, Sunday, 9.30pm)

Sunny days on Grey's
Neither bombs nor floods nor crashing planes could prevent US medical drama Grey's Anatomy from reaching its 200th episode this week. But, let's face it, with that many disasters and more over its 10-year history, is Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital a place you want to check in to? That's a yes, according to the show's many fans and the drama shows little sign of ending just yet. More patients, please ... (TV2, Monday, 9.40pm)

A blast from the past
The old adage that says if you can remember the 1960s you weren't really there is put to the test this week in the first part of a three-part Prime Rocks doco, Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll. The series reveals interviews by British TV personality Bernard Braden with some of the biggest pop stars of the day - interviews that have never been broadcast until now. Cilla Black, Tom Jones and Lulu are among the 60s stars looking back on those halcyon days. If they can remember them, that is. (Prime, Wednesday, 9.30pm)

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