TV Guide's top 5 this week

21:32, May 28 2014
TV Guide

Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week.

It's dot.comedy

Have you ever wondered how those Silicon Valley computer nerds ended up making billions and sort of running the world? A new US comedy titled Silicon Valley beginning on SoHo this week tries to make sense of it all by delving into the world of start-ups in Palo Alto, California. With the combined writing talents of Mike Judge (Beavis And Butthead) and Alec Berg (Seinfeld) behind it, we ought to expect something with a bit of byte, especially since Alec Berg says he comes from a family of science nerds. Yeah - look where that got him! (SoHo, Friday, 8.30pm)

Go ahead, make my birthday

Can you believe Clint Eastwood is 84 this week? Well he is, and Sky Movies is celebrating the Hollywood tough guy's birthday with an entire pop-up channel dedicated to his films for a whole weekend. Sadly, none of Clint's man-with-no-name "spaghetti western" classics are there but you can fill your boots with as much Dirty Harry as you like, along with many of Clint's other hits. Did you know he was once offered the role of James Bond? Do ya feel lucky, Blofeld? Nah, wouldn't have worked. (Sky Movies Pop-up Channel, Friday to Sunday)

You want me to cook what?


So you've had your fill of cooking shows? Surely not. You can fit another one in can't you? Go on - have another helping. Seriously, you'll like it. OK, what if we tell you that tonight's surprise ingredients in the return of the US version of Top Chef include a choice of alligator, frog or turtle? Well, they are in New Orleans, after all, and all kinds of critters can get dropped in the pot in that city. It's the French influence, you see. Can't tempt you, then? (Four, Sunday, 6.30pm) 


Deep breath, please

The 1960s seem to be big business again in TV land and British TV is getting back in the act with a new drama series titled Breathless. The fact that it is set in the gynaecology unit of a London hospital may help to explain the title but this is no mere medical drama. Instead, it looks into the secrets, lies and passions of the doctors and nurses in a society on the brink of a sexual revolution. Central to the action, if we may call it that, is charismatic surgeon Otto Powell, played by the dashing Jack Davenport. Mad Men with stethoscopes, perhaps? (TV1, Sunday, 9.30pm)

Small smack, big problem

Shortland Street gets itself into the smacking debate this Monday, when Leanne's instinctive reaction to prevent Sarah's daughter Tillie putting her hand in an electric socket brings vehement condemnation from Sarah. It's a storyline that should resonate with many parents who have been faced with similar difficult situations. Just how far do you go when you think your children need protecting from themselves? (TV2, Monday, 7pm)

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