Game of Thrones' explosive episode

23:18, Jun 03 2014
Game of Thrones
DUEL TO THE DEATH: The blood-soaked battle between the Mountain and the Red Viper of Dorne proved to be one of Game of Thrones' most memorable moments.

An explosive episode - in more ways than one - leaves our Game of Thrones bloggers' jaws on the the floor as season four builds to a thrilling climax.

Hi Kate,

It was a sensitive night for one of the least sensitive shows on television that remarkably managed to have one major character's head exploded in front of a crowd, a man flayed alive, and some satellite town for Castle Black destroyed by Wildlings. It has been a while since we sat together and watched Game of Thrones, and I felt like it was making up for lost time.

Things I was not expecting tonight:

1. Loads of nude unsullied.

I feel for the fanbase maybe this isn't exactly what they were expecting, and having Daenerys and Missandei having that chat about the unsullied seemed like a tacit acknowledgement of the large amount of women who are watching the show.


We had some really sensitive Celtic music, and then out of nowhere a relationship might be blossoming. I felt like this was largely because Missandei needed a little bit more development. I am hoping the series will go there with some details on their relationship as it has been coy about it thus far. I had the overwhelming impression it was a Home and Away subplot.

2. Heaps of Theon Greyjoy.

Don't really know where Theon is going, and I feel the series has invested a lot of time into his character development for little net gain. The camera hold on him when they ask "who are you?" elicited some definite sympathy for the wee guy as did the line "only a whipped dog would speak this way, or a woman". I got the distinct impression this episode was all about having balls.

3. Baelish not sitting on some sort of regal throne with a crown placed on a slight angle on his head.

I felt that with his murder of the Lady of the Vale Baelish would just take up her power, lands, and wealth, but apparently he has to justify himself to three oldies.

Sansa let it all out last night - but with a few key adjustments to the truth. In a long speech she did an admirable job of covering for Baelish. Both characters were playing a tricky game. The scene could only have been improved with Sansa cheekily winking at Baelish at the end.

4. The end of Ser Jorah?

Talking about playing a tricky game - Ser Jorah Mormont has been spying, or at least spying at one point. Apparently he was pardoned by Robert Baratheon, but a long time ago. It's quite hard to tell the time scale of when things have been happening in Game of Thrones.

Daenerys doesn't really look like she has changed too much, but boy has she been betrayed by Mormont, you can sense the director tried to overemphasise this with that protracted shot of her staring off into the distance. It's a bit of a shame to lose the Ser Jorah character as his lack of sexual chemistry and his pining after Daenerys was always, at the very least, reliable.

5. Lack of "The Lion King" music when Bolton was playing his best Mustafa and talking about his vast kingdom.

Ramsay Bolton has got a new father and it was pretty touching. But, to be honest, I am not really invested in either character. Ramsay has been a jerk since we first set eyes on him, and him getting some good news isn't exactly thrilling, but at least, as we learnt, he is going to have a bath.

Yours sincerely,

 - Jonathan.

Dearest Jonathan

Well, well, well that end brain splattering scene goes into my top three favourite hands-on-deaths along with the eye-out-the-socket pullout from Deadwood, and the head being ripped from the shoulders by a door frame in The Raid Redemption. I squirmed and squinted through the scene with nearly shut eyes yelling no, no, no, but thinking oh holy jeezeus yes brilliant brains everywhere.

I was trying to remember how this scene ended in the literary record and had a vague sense of unease as Oberyn slickly and stylishly pranced around bringing the beast to the floor that it wasn't quite over - and it certainly was not. I was saddened by loss of the Dornish prince. I admired his desire for justice and truth especially when it came to the Lannisters. I will miss his sense of wicked fun, depth, and graceful flow in fight.

I am with you on the "having balls" theme. I loved the wee chat about the pillar and the stones. It's good to throw in some serious sexual tension that Grey Worm and Missandei might not be able to act on   - the desire and frustration may just go on and on following each other in a soul destroying circular motion.

On saying that I was watching the episode with some lovely lady friends and we all agreed a lot can still be brought to the table without the pillar and its stones - so it might not be all doom and gloom for these two hotties.

Are we about to see a Stark reunion? I desperately want the family members to find one another, but once the Hound realises Baelish rules the Vale I am not so sure we will see a sisterly reunion.

There have been such close moments where the Northern family has nearly reconnected, but it never quite comes into fruition. Arya laughing in that moment was perfection - death comes a knocking just as she is about to find another long lost relative.

Sansa owns that scene as she walks down in a sexy power dress with womanly confidence. Her adult evolution is well on its way as she becomes an active participant in the reality of the Game of Thrones after a long period of naivety. She has gone from being one of my lesser favourite characters in the books to one of my favourites in the series.

Jamie and Tyrion delved into another session of great dialogue. As Tyrion questions the meaning of it all with the destruction of those beetle bugs I couldn't help, but think of robot machines dropping bombs from above onto tiny humans going about their business - maybe I'm stretching it a bit with the drones comparison - but this show makes excellent examples how often the mindless power games of a few have far reaching consequences for the many.

I am pumped for the last two episodes. Oh gosh so much delightful badness to come. Even for the readers of the books the show always throws in some surprises and for the non-readers so many questions to be answered:

Will the lovely Podrick and his lady knight arrive in time to find the Stark girls? Is Tyrion toast? Is Ser Gregor a goner? What's happening with Bran and his posse? The Wildlings are coming. Where art thou Stannis? Can the now legitimate Bolton Bastard be stopped? What's Asha Greyjoy up to? Dragons - are we going to see more of them?  

Yours truly,


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