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TV Guide

Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week.

Agent for change

With the issue of astronomical house prices occupying many peoples' minds these days, the return of Kiwi comedy Agent Anna seems a fairly shrewd investment on TV1's part. Multiple TV Guide Best On The Box award-winner Robyn Malcolm reprises her role as the bumbling real etstate agent Anna Kingston, whose personal problems repeatedly spill over into her attempts to make it in the world of property. Robyn reckons that even the real Real Estate agents are starting to warm to it. (TV1, Thursday, 8.30pm)

A late Christmas - that's nice

Well, the weather's right for a mid-winter Christmas, so TV1 has dropped a belated Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special into the schedule - five months after it screened in the UK and Ireland. As anyone who has seen an Agnes Brown-style Christmas knows, chaos is likely to reign in the Brown household - particularly as Agnes is panicking over what to get her grandson Bono for a present. And if this isn't enough to keep fans happy, the big screen version of the comedy, Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie is arriving on July 24. That's nice. (TV1, Thursday, 9pm)

Back in Black

Clearly there's only one game in town for most Kiwi sports fans on Saturday night, and that's the first test between the All Blacks and England at Eden Park. Due to club match final scheduling issues in the north, the English have arrived somewhat under-strength for this first test but, bearing in mind that the All Blacks traditionally start the season slowly, no-one will be taking anything for granted. Still, the smart money will be on the Blacks continuing last year's brilliant unbeaten run. (Sky Sport 1, Saturday, 7pm; Prime, 8.40pm)

Star power for Glee

Veteran movie star Shirley MacLaine seems to have found a bit of a taste for television since her guest starring role on Downton Abbey, and she further indulges that taste with a guest role on Glee this week. Shirley plays a character fairly close to home as June Dolloway, a wealthy socialite and New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts donor who takes a special interest in Blaine (Darren Criss) when they cross paths. Stop it, Shirley. You're old enough to be his grandmother! (Four, Sunday, 7.30pm)

A Daily dose

It has been said that if you really want to know what's happening in American politics and society, you don't watch the US TV news, you watch The Daily Show - Jon Stewart's brilliant satirical take on current affairs. We've been denied this hilarious show for some three years but it has made a welcome recent return to Comedy Central. Fox News was a favourite target of Jon's and they made the classic mistake of having a go back. Jon's response: Fox News watches The Daily Show!  (Comedy Central, daily, 7pm)