Home and Away star's two loves


Johnny Ruffo goes to great lengths to pursue his great love. However, it is music - not a girl - that has the singer-actor combining long days on the set of Home And Away with late nights working on his tunes.

"It's pretty tricky but I like to work hard and music is such a big part of my life that I make time for it," Ruffo says. "It may be at 2am in the morning but when you love it, it's not a chore to do."

But for the former Perth concreter - who became a household name in Australia as a finalist on The X-Factor - earning his acting chops as Summer Bay's likeable clown Chris Harrington is also a big priority.

He hopes the developing love triangle between Chris, Denny (Jessica Grace Smith) and River Boy Casey Braxton (Lincoln Younes) will give him the opportunity to showcase his dramatic skills as well as his comedic ones.

"I don't mind it," the 26 year old says of being the show's fall guy, "because it kind of lightens things up. A lot of the time the show is very serious and full on so it needs that element to break it up. But, at the same time, I also enjoy the quite dramatic stuff."

He has high hopes that commitment phobic Chris' romance with tomboy Denny, the half sister of Oscar (Jake Speer) and Evelyn (Philippa Northeast), will produce such moments.

"Chris is definitely falling for Denny but in the back of his mind there's this shadow of doubt about Casey, what with him being a River Boy and strong and buff and with his bad-boy attitude, he thinks he's got a bit of competition."

It does not help that the ever-confident Chris' attempts to woo Denny often go spectacularly wrong.

"I think Chris thinks he's a lot more adorable than what he is sometimes," says Johnny, laughing.

"He's that happy-go-lucky kind of guy who sometimes opens his mouth and says things he thinks are going to help but instead brings things back a few pegs."

It is one trait, Ruffo hopes he does not share with the character he once said could have been written just for him.

While claiming he is romantically uninvolved in real life (despite gossip columnists linking him to both Dannii Minogue and his former Home And Away co-star Samara Weaving), the actor likes to think that he demonstrates more finesse with women.

"There are definitely a lot of the aspects of the character that I share. While that's fun and helps get you into your comfort zone, I think it's good now that the character's starting to expand and show a lot more depth. That's quite exciting for me because I get to hone my craft and get better."

He might be an acting novice, but fans of the long-running soap certainly appreciate his efforts.

He was a finalist in the best newcomer category at the Logies (losing out to co-star Bonnie Sveen who plays Ricky Sharpe).

He is also happy to be part of a drama that, after 26 years on screen, still managed to be voted Australia's favourite drama at those same awards.

"I'd love to try my luck overseas but I'm so fortunate to have Home And Away and my career in Australia that I'm incredibly happy," Ruffo says. "I really have the best job in the world."

-The TV Guide