TV Guide's top 5 this week

20:44, Jun 18 2014
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Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week.

Shanghai Surprise
The ever-growing financial, political and military clout of modern-day China is looming very large on Western radars these days, so British journo and sometime talent show host, Piers Morgan, has headed off to Shanghai to see what all the fuss is about. In Piers Morgan On Shanghai, he finds the "explosive rich" - a powerful group of 118,000 millionaires and billionaires whose aim in life is to get even richer by selling us stuff. And they seem rather good at it. (Prime, Friday, 9.30pm)

War and news of war
What might have happened if news from the front in World War I had been reported live on television, in the way we see the world today? That's the intriguing question posed by War News, a five-part documentary series which places fictional TV reporters at five key battles and events involving Kiwi troops in the war. The series is designed to mark the centenary of the beginning of the "war to end all wars" and reveals at least one major incident that is not well-known in New Zealand history. (Prime, Sunday, 8.30am)

Shorty Street Sheeran
Shortland Street has never been shy of roping in some real-life guest stars to pep up the storylines but they've certainly scored a coup with English singing star, Ed Sheeran. Ed plays himself on the drama this week, acting alongside 
the teens known as The Brat Pack. "Brat-packer" Kane has been heading deeper and deeper into depression and is about to reach breaking point, but Dayna has plans to cheer him up. Sing us a song, Ed. That ought to do it. (TV2, Monday, 7pm)

The day the Beatles hit town
The world changed for many Kiwi teens on a windy Wellington day in June 1964. It was the day the biggest thing in international pop music touched down and kicked off New Zealand's turn to experience Beatlemania. This week, 60 Minutes devotes its hour to the 50th anniversary of the day when swinging London (via Merseyside) came to New Zealand courtesy of the Beatles. If you were there, sit back and take a trip down memory lane. If you weren't, now's your chance to see a bit of history. (Prime, Monday, 9.30pm)

Feeding the ravenous hordes
If the contestants on My Kitchen Rules thought the judges were hard on them, they have an even tougher audience to please this week in the form of 200 hungry primary school students. When the bell rings for lunchtime, it will take more than marmite and cheese sandwiches to impress these kids, and tricking them with sugar-laden treats is also no-no. Pete and Manu challenge the home cooks to create meals that not only appeal to kids, but their parents as well. The dish voted children's choice will see one team given a major advantage, while the weakest dish will see another team head straight to a sudden death cook-off. (TV2, Tuesday, 7.30pm)

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