Once Upon a Time reveals season four castings

01:28, Jul 04 2014
georgina haig
GEORGINA HAIG AS ELSA: Georgina Haig has been cast as Elsa, the misunderstood queen of Arendelle who has magic powers. Elsa was voiced by Idina Menzel in the movie.
elizabeth lail once upon a time
ELIZABETH LAIL AS ANNA: Newcomer Elizabeth Lail has been cast as Anna, Elsa's goofy and adorable sister, who was originally voiced by Kristen Bell in the movie.
scott michael foster once upon a time
SCOTT MICHAEL FOSTER AS KRISTOFF: Scott Michael Foster (from TV show Greek) has been cast as Kristoff, the cute mountain man who lives with trolls and develops a crush on Anna. In the movie, Kristoff was voiced by Jonathan Groff.

At the end of Once Upon a Time's third season (TV2, Wednesday), the show teased an exciting new character for the upcoming season: Elsa from Frozen.

Since then there's been speculation about who would be cast as Elsa (a stand-in actress was used for the teaser), and overnight it was confirmed that the coveted role has gone to Australian actress Georgina Haig!

Haig is familiar to US audiences thanks to roles in shows like Fringe and Reckless, but she's also starred in heaps of Australian productions, including Underbelly, Dance Academy, and most recently Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS - she played Paula Yates.

It's a massive coup for Haig, who was reportedly in talks to play Peter Parker's high school love interest in the Spider-Man reboot, given the world's obsession with Frozen.

But that's not all: Once Upon a Time has also cast the roles of Anna and Kristoff.

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