The TV Guide's top 5 this week

17:00, Jul 09 2014
The TV Guide

Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week.

Live fast and dive young

An extreme sports fanatic takes his passion to fatal extremes when he plunges off a cliff in a ball of flames in TV1's British murder mystery, Young Gods, this Saturday. Next minute, Vera's on the scene looking at the mess he made. That's DCI Vera Stanhope, by the way, played by Brenda Blethyn in the latest instalment of her award-winning crime drama series, Vera. We say this because TV1 has for some reason decided to drop the "Vera" from the title of the episode. The DCI wouldn't be best pleased with that! (TV1, Saturday, 9.35pm)

Unsung heroes of Erebus

While the nation reeled at the shock of the Erebus disaster in November 1979, a small group of police officers and mountaineers quietly packed their bags and prepared for the job from hell: finding and recovering 257 bodies from the frozen wastes of Antarctica on the slopes of a volcano. They risked life and limb to do it and theirs is a story that has needed telling ever since, and the TV1 documentary drama Erebus: Operation Overdue does just that this week. (TV1, Sunday, 8.30pm)

Last man standing


Is the last man standing from the original cast of Two And A Half Men about to go down on bended knee and propose marriage? Why, yes, he is, in the two-part season finale of the long-running US sitcom. Gretchen is the latest object of Alan Harper's seemingly insatiable desires and he has convinced himself that she is the one for him. All he needs to do now is tell Gretchen's brother, Larry, about his earlier relationship with Larry's bride-to-be, Lyndsey. (TV2, Tuesday, 8.55pm)

Do it yourself!

It's not only in New Zealand where real estate prices are putting home ownership further and further out of some people's reach. The same is happening on the other side of the world - to the extent that some people are wondering if it would be easier and cheaper to design and build their own homes from scratch. The reality series, The House That ₤100K Built follows some of these ambitious self-builders to see exactly what they expect from a relatively small budget. (TV3, Tuesday, 7.30pm)

Back from the dead

If you were a fan of Lost, you may want to check out the latest, critically-acclaimed supernatural mystery series out of the US, titled Resurrection. It all begins when a boy believed drowned in a small Missouri town in 1982 turns up in China - apparently having not aged a day. So far, so Close Encounters, you may think. But the boy is not the only one, and pretty soon, more dead people begin knocking on the doors of their former homes. And it's not even Halloween. (TV2, Wednesday, 8.55pm)