Top 10 TV interview walkouts

In the latest TV interview walkout, Australian politician Clive Palmer had a softness in his voice as he signalled the end.

"Good bye, see you later," he told 7.30 interviewer Sarah Ferguson before taking out his earpiece and moving - with surprising agility - out of frame of the New Zealand set where he is currently holidaying.

In the history of TV interview walkouts, Palmer's may be one of the most graceful.

Here are 10 of the best TV interview walkouts:

Joan Rivers on CNN

Comedian Joan Rivers pulled the plug when a CNN interviewer asked about her decision to wear fur on a book cover photograph.

"You eat chicken! You eat meat! I don't want to hear this nonsense. Come to me with a paper belt and we'll talk," Rivers yelled before storming off.

Letterman pranking Rivers

Late Show host David Letterman gave Rivers a taste of her own medicine shortly after, spoofing the normal order of things by walking out on a guest.

Rivers, unfazed, proceeded to interview herself.

"How's your sex life, you old bitch?" she began.

Robert Pattinson and Ryan Seacrest

Actor Robert Pattinson was smiling evasively when Ryan Seacrest asked about his romance with co-star Kristen Stewart. Meanwhile, his media advisor was making a slit-throat "cut it off" gesture. 

"I was just cut off for the first time ever," Seacrest complained as Pattinson departed sheepishly.

Bee Gees and Clive Anderson

Two thirds of the Bee Gees abruptly walked out on British chat show host Clive Anderson with apparently little provocation.

"We're getting on like a storm aren't we?" said Barry, after Anderson forgot a past Bee Gees hit.

With Barry and Robin gone, the dutiful Maurice had to join them. 

"I'd love [to stay] but I don't do impressions," he said.

Paris Hilton and US ABC reporter

Light years ago, Paris Hilton was asked by a US ABC journalist whether she was looking over her shoulder at rising figures like Kim Kardashian.

"Do you ever worry about your moment having passed?" the reporter asked.

Hilton responded with a disbelieving, feminine snort before ending the interview.

But there was a rapprochement of sorts: she then showed the interrogator her "dog park" - a replica of her home filled with miniature furniture and pets.

Nicolas Sarkozy on 60 Minutes

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was unimpressed when 60 Minutes probed rumours about his relationship with then-wife Cecilia.

"But there's a great mystery, everybody's asking, even your press secretary was asked at the briefing today," journalist Lesley Stahl persisted.

Sarkozy's eyebrows approached his hairline before he called it quits. Two weeks later he and Cecilia announced their divorce.

Duchess of York and Michael Usher

Another Sarah Ferguson, Fergie, the Duchess of York, pulled the plug when 60 Minutes journalist Michael Usher played her undercover footage which showed her discussing cash-for-royal access with British newspaper News of the World.

Fergie rolled her eyes, demanded producers delete segments but eventually she had had enough.

Channel 9, making the most of what it had, billed the story as  "the weirdest interview you'll ever see". Following in hyperbolic suit, Usher compared the duchess on his blog to the "icy wilds of the Arctic".

Tommy Davis and the volcano question

Scientology leader Tommy Davis was not happy when asked about his out-of-bound topic: the possibility that an intergalactic emperor called Xenu took his people to earth more than 75 million years ago and buried them in volcanoes. He gave his interviewer fair warning: there would be no discussion of volcanoes. At the second mention of Xenu's name, Davis was done.

Jordan Belfort on Liz Hayes

"Wolf of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort said no one had ever treated him as disrespectfully as 60 Minutes journalist Liz Hayes during their recent interview.

"Oh my god, you've got a lot of nerve, boy, I'll tell you, honestly," the Wolf told her, chuckling and shaking his head as he departed.

Julian Assange

Whistleblower Julian Assange, back when he still had the chance to walk out of anywhere, was dismayed by the tack of a CNN journalist.

"I'm going to have to walk if you're going to contaminate what is an extremely important interview with questions about my personal life," he threatened.

And so he did, after spending some awkward moments disentangling himself from the microphone cords. 

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