Nothing Trivial: Bonus round offers closure

21:41, Jul 28 2014
Debbie Newby-Ward
ONE MORE TIME: Debbie Newby-Ward who plays Emma in Nothing Trivial.

Ahead of this weekend's telefeature finale to Nothing Trivial, James Croot quizzes Debbie Newby-Ward about what she's learned from playing Emma. 

Were you worried there might not be a proper conclusion to the series? Are you and do you think viewers will be satisfied with what the writers have come up with?

I was very sad to think we might not have the opportunity to conclude the series, not only for the viewers but for ourselves. I think the telefeature will bring some closure, for sure. And it's another opportunity to get involved in these characters' stories and, I guess, say goodbye in a sense. But because these characters are so deeply etched into our viewers' minds, I'm sure they will be able to imagine how their stories could continue on - even beyond the telefeature.

How much have you and Emma changed over the course of the series and in what ways? Have you had much say in shaping the character or her choices?

Emma's story was focused on her development into womanhood. She entered the series a young lady with lots of hope and dreams, many of them already broken. And experienced a lot of growing pains as she transitioned. Growing is never easy, but essential. In a sense I was also transitioning throughout this process as I became a mother for the first time - it was nice to share that journey.

What was your favourite storyline?


I do look back fondly over the first series, before Brian and Emma got together. All the drama focused around Emma's boyfriends, and them having to be interviewed by Michelle and Brian before they were accepted. I loved all the saga around Craig, my "dress- wearing" pilot boyfriend, who was found by Brian wearing my Kate Sylvester blue dress. It was so tragic and comedic, I just loved the scenes involved in these storylines.

Were there any wardrobe items or props that you really would have liked to have taken as a memento?

I loved my whole wardrobe and wanted the whole lot. Except the fake pregnant belly. I did take my "Sex on a Stick" T-shirt as a memento.

What were the hardest and most enjoyable aspects of playing Emma?

Emma's ability to forgive. It's a softness in one's heart that has to come from such a genuine place. Sometimes it's just easier to play angry, or hard. The writers created such honest and deeply complex characters, I was always seeking the truth in every scene. No matter how much at times Debbie didn't want to forgive, I had to go to a place where Emma would. And that ability to forgive is her worst and best trait.

What are your abiding memories of the show? And what will you miss most about it?

As hard as they were - The Beagle quiz scenes. This is where the core cast were always together, and sometimes for days on end. They were such challenging days, like nothing any of us had ever experienced [and that's crew included]. Coming back into The Beagle after days of working on your own storylines was a great check in. I will miss The Beagle hugely.

Finally, is there a trivia question that sticks in your mind?

As gross as this sounds, I couldn't get out of my head that a barnacle has the longest penis to body ratio . . . ewwww!

Nothing Trivial, 8.30pm, Sunday, TV One.