TV Guide's top five picks this week


Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week. 

Back In Black

Amidst all the other international sport on offer at the moment, New Zealanders can look forward to another potential world champion moment this month, courtesy of the Black Ferns. New Zealand's women of rugby open their defence of their Women's World Cup title this week with a match against Kazakhstan who, with only 380 registered players, may be on a hiding to nothing. But good on 'em for giving it a go, eh? Tougher challenges loom against old rivals England, Australia and possibly even the fast-improving Canadians. (Sky Sport 1, Friday, 10.50pm)

Definitely nothing trivial

How could they do it? How could TVNZ leave the comedy drama Nothing Trivial on such a cliff-hanger storyline at the end of the third season with Catherine lying lifeless in the road - and then cancel it?! Well, thankfully, wiser heads prevailed and the multiple stories of the Sex On A Stick pub quiz team will be resolved in a two-hour special finale to the series tonight. Who knows the answer to the biggest question of all? (TV1, Sunday, 8.30pm)

Faces from the past

The chance discovery of a hoard of old photographic glass-plate negatives in a Wellington attic last year has sparked a surge of interest in the stories of New Zealand World War I soldiers and their families. Photographer William Berry was the man who took photos of soldiers before they were shipped off to war and, with the help of their descendants, animatic illustration and contemporary music, the men and their stories of sacrifice, family tragedy and heroism are being remembered and retold in the documentary The Berry Boys. It's never too late to tell a story, it seems. (TV1, Sunday, 10.30pm)

Aussies v Kiwis again! 

There's nothing like a bit of trans-Tasman rivalry to get Kiwis' dander up, is there? The producers of The Amazing Race have cottoned on to that idea with their new series The Amazing Race, Australia v New Zealand, beginning this week. Simple premise: take five Aussie and five Kiwi teams and send them off on an adventure challenge across 10 countries. Host, Grant Bowler, is a Kiwi, so we're one point up already! (TV2, Tuesday, 8.45pm)

Paradise lost?

Some people visit the Czech Republic's capital city Prague for the architecture or the history. Others do so for the city's reputation as a stag party paradise. But as the documentary Stacey Dooley Investigates...Sex, Stags And Prague shows, that paradise can become a dark place for the unsuspecting visitor, and also the thousands of girls who "entertain" them. Dooley join the Czech police on patrol to see the daily struggles they face to protect the tourists and mop up the trouble they cause. (TV3, Wednesday, 9.30pm)

-TV Guide