TV Guide's top five picks this week

23:53, Aug 23 2014
TV Guide

Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week.

A giant of rugby

When Jonah Lomu burst onto the international stage as the star of the 1995 Rugby World Cup, it was just the start of a legend. Few people outside of New Zealand had heard of Lomu before that tournament, and the first view that many other players had of him was often as an unstoppable black-clad steamroller heading straight for them. The documentary The Anger Within reveals exactly what was driving that steamroller from a very early age - and why it didn't pay to stand in its way on the field. (Prime, Saturday, 9.40pm)

The last of the little grey cells

When British actor David Suchet finally steps out of Hercule Poirot's immaculately-polished shoes for the final time, it will be difficult - if not downright impossible - for anyone else to step into them. Suchet has made Agatha Christie's famous fictional Belgian detective his very own alter-ego in the past 25 years, but the new season beginning on Prime this week will be his last. In the first episode, there's another murder to be solved, and a gruesome one at that. And an old friend returns to help solve the mystery. (Prime, Sunday, 8.30pm)

Jason on the case


Jason Isaacs has been one of the busier British film and TV actors of the past couple of decades and his popular role as the evil Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films did him no harm at all. But in the detective series Case Histories, Jason gets to play the (albeit troubled) good guy for a change, as private detective Jackson Brodie. Filmed in Edinburgh, this week's episode also features comedian Victoria Wood in an unusually serious role as a woman who buys a child from her mother in order to save her. Yeah - it's complicated. (UKTV, Monday, 8.30pm)

That's embarrassing, cobber

Of all the Embarrassing Bodies series titles there have been, surely Embarrassing Bodies Down Under is the most apt. As the title suggests, the long-running British medical series heads for Australia this time around to help some folks there face up to and deal with medical conditions that are blighting their lives. We suspect that, no matter what part of the world you live in, the embarrassing things your body can do to you are the same the world over. (TV2, Tuesday, 10pm)

A sainted mother

One of the more extraordinary stories in David Lomas' Family Secrets documentary series plays out this week, involving an orphan and a New Zealand nun, Mother Suzanne Aubert, who may soon be declared a saint by the Catholic Church. The story revolves around a pakeha boy called Herbert Davis, who was adopted into a Maori community and raised a family that now sees Mother Aubert as their matriarch. Lomas uncovers the dark secret in Davis' past that has led to this extraordinary connection to someone who may soon be a saint. (TV3, Wednesday, 8pm) 

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