Coro's Steve torn between two women

CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO WOMEN: Coronation Street's Simon Gregson who plays Steve McDonald.
CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO WOMEN: Coronation Street's Simon Gregson who plays Steve McDonald.

Coronation Street's Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) is trapped between two women - his ex-girlfriend Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), the volatile and conniving mother of his daughter Amy. So why is Steve in such a dilemma?

When faced with a choice between the alluringly vivacious Michelle Connor and the toxic temptress Tracy Barlow, the decision for Steve McDonald should be straightforward.

But as usual on Coronation Street, Steve (played by Simon Gregson) manages to create chaos out of the most ordinary of situations.

"Steve has been trying to get back with Michelle," says Gregson. "But he manages to mess it up again. As usual, Tracy steps into the mix."

Steve is caught up in a love triangle which looks headed for disaster. Gregson admits that Steve is in a predicament.

"He's in this situation where he's stuck between two women - which is when Steve is, at best, terrified. I don't think he's a bad guy, but I would tell him to man up and sort Tracy out big time and get out."

The fraught situation arises when Tracy becomes seriously ill and is taken to hospital. Concerned that she might die, Steve lets Tracy believe he still has feelings for her.

But Tracy recovers and is intent on hooking up again with Steve. Tracy has always wanted Steve in her life and she is deluded enough to believe that is now what Steve wants too.

"The thing about Steve is that he doesn't like confrontation and he'll do anything for an easy life," says Gregson. "He likes to just go through life, have a nice girlfriend and have a laugh with Lloyd.

"When crunch comes to crunch, he does think, 'Right, I need to sort this out', but he ends up just teetering around it."

Tracy has the potential to cause a heap of trouble for Steve and Michelle.

"I have absolutely no idea how Steve is going to talk himself out of this mess," says Gregson. "Stuck again between  two women.

"The writers love Steve always getting himself into trouble and always trying to get himself out of trouble, so this is just another string to that bow."

Michelle used to be Steve's girlfriend but she dumped him when he cheated on her with Becky.

Tracy has long been a part of Steve's life. Tracy is the mother of Steve's daughter Amy and although he and Tracy are legally married, their happiness did not last longer than the marriage ceremony when Becky revealed Tracy's lies and deceit to a gobsmacked Steve.

Actress Kym Marsh says she loves working with Gregson and it will be fantastic if her character, Michelle, finally hooks back up with Steve - for a while at least.

"I'm having such a ball (on Coronation Street) and I'm so lucky, so fortunate," says Kym. "I love Michelle and Steve together and I hope they keep us together."

When news leaked that Michelle was tipped for a new relationship, many fans suspected that she would fall for Carla Connor's brother Rob, who has now joined the cast. But Marsh threw cold water on this idea.

"New man? It's actually more of an old man," she laughed. "Could she be getting closer to a certain Mr McDonald again? Maybe...

"Can you imagine what that would do to Tracy? The cat fights would be amazing. But I think Michelle would beat Tracy hands down."

How long any relationship between Steve and Michelle will last is up in the air.

But Marsh hopes Michelle retains her nature as a free spirit.

"I like her relationships as long as they keep them quite light and fresh," she says.

"Michelle's a drifter, but I love that about her."

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