Top 10 Shortland Street deaths

21:29, Aug 18 2014
 SARAH POTTS: Played by actor Amanda Billing.
SARAH POTTS: Played by actor Amanda Billing.

The untimely death of Sarah Potts is causing outpourings of grief from her most ardent fans.

It came out of the blue and was shocking for many people.

A tribute page has been set up by TVNZ which has attracted hundreds of notes of compassion.

"Such a beautiful person, you will be missed," one tribute read.

"Sarah, you didn't deserve to go that way. RIP," read another.

In case you don't already know, Sarah Potts was a Shortland Street character who died when a mystery illness swept through the fictional hospital.

But it was not the first Shortland Street death to cause such widespread shock.

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Stuff's top 10 list of deaths on the Street:

1. 2008: Joey (Johnny Barker) jumps to his death from the roof of a storage building, after Kieran (Adam Rickett) realises he is the Ferndale Strangler, bringing one of the most successful story arcs in the show's history to a close. Dubbed the Killer Season, the storyline made Johnny Barker a household name.

SARAH POTTS: Played by actor Amanda Billing.

2. 1994: Steve (Andrew Binns) and TP (Elizabeth Skeen) are killed when the car they were travelling in crashes and explodes, following an argument between Steve and Chris (Michael Galvin), as TP's partner Sam (Rene Naufahu) looks on. Twenty years to the date of TP's death, Sam emotionally broke down to Ula Levi (Frankie Adams), explaining the impact TP's death had on his life and the subsequent loss of his second wife.

3. 2004: Dominic (Shane Cortese) burns himself to death after attempting to kill Chris as a last-ditch effort to cover up his murder of Avril (Kate Louise Elliott). Dom finally admitted to killing Avril before he died in Toni's arms.

4. 1995: Carmen (Theresa Healey) died after a truck ploughed through the clinic reception and Carmen received what appeared to be minor bruising on Christmas Day. However, later Carmen collapsed and died, having developed a brain hemorrhage. She was very popular amongst the public and was openly mourned upon her death. In 2012, Carmen's death was voted by fans as one of the show's most iconic moments


JOEY HENDERSON: The killer's curtain call came when he jumped off a building. Henderson was played by actor Johnny Barker.

5. 2010: Kieran (Adam Rickitt) was involved with gangs through his time on the show and was eventually gangs kidnapped by ex criminal rival White Dragon (Matt Sunderland). Following a chase through a forest, White Dragon fell to his death off a cliff and Kieran sacrificed himself to save Sean after confessing to hitting a woman with his car and killing her (Sean had taken the heat for it). Kieran's body was found four months later police identified a body and alerted Sophie (Kimberley Crossman).

6. 1999: Lionel (John Leigh) went missing, presumed drowned, after mysteriously disappearing on the day of his wedding to Mackenzie (Ingrid Park). A lot of fans believed Lionel didn't die and is still out there somewhere as his body was never found. The producers even flirted with the idea of bringing him back for the 20th anniversary of the show, but decided against it.

7. 2006 and 2008: Huia (Nicola Kawana) and her unborn child were killed by a car bomb planted by thugs from a dodgy pharmaceutical company. The bomb was meant for Ant (Michael Morris), who had started to suspect the company director, Scott Spear. In 2008, Ant returned to assist Craig (Renato Bartolomei) in investigating Scott, but Craig was brutally murdered and Scott went into hiding.

1994: Steve (Andrew Binns) and TP (Elizabeth Skeen) are killed when the car they were travelling in crashes and explodes.

8. 1995: Darryl (Mark Ferguson) died after falling overboard while attempting to murder Kirsty on board her house-boat, the Toroa. She had confronted him about faulty drugs he had provided to patients. Darryl's body later washed up on a beach and for a short time Kirsty believed she may have been the one who killed him. (Spoiler: she didn't.)

9. 2001: Rangi (Blair Strang) was found dead after he went missing for weeks. He had been drowned and the police suspected suicide. But his wife, Donna (Stephanie Tauevihi), investigated and soon discovered Rangi had a secret double life with a woman named Adrianna (Emily Mowbray) and her husband Kim (Patrick Kake). The pair had murdered him when he decided to stay with Donna. The character was renowned and iconic for his absurd and unrealistic storylines, none moreso than the one leading to his death.

10. 2014: Josh (Chris Tempest) blew up the staff Christmas party in the 2013 season finale. He initially survived the blast but was crushed as he attempted to save Roimata (Shavaughn Ruakere). Roimata died on the operating table when the season returned in 2014.