Shannon proves why she's a handy host

17:00, Aug 25 2014
shannon ryan
HANDY HOST: Shannon Ryan returns as co-host for the third New Zealand season of The Block

Shannon Ryan is heading back around The Block to co-host a third season of the Kiwi reality series. Ahead of tonight's series opener, she talks to James Croot about what viewers can expect.

What can viewers expect from this third season? Any particular innovations?

Viewers can expect four teams who have paid close attention to the previous two series. I really do feel this lot is going to raise the bar and produce some awesome stuff.

For those of us who live outside Auckland, please describe Point Chevalier.

The best way I can describe Pt Chev is a place in the city that's near the sea so get your kayak or SUP board ready! I feel like it would be a great place to live in the city that has ''out of city'' activities to enjoy.

What advice would you give this season's teams, based on the last two seasons? What makes a successful Block team?


Remember when you watched the show and the other teams were tired beyond belief? They weren't acting. It's real, so don't be surprised! Success definitely comes with enjoying the ride and doing your best. It's hard to renovate with an entire country in mind so do what you want and if people don't like it, they can change it. Have you been inside a Bunnings lately? They ain't running out of supplies.

What's been your favourite challenge from the past two seasons so far? What do you think you would have excelled at and if you made up a challenge what would it be?

I really enjoyed the Department of Conservation (DOC) challenge where the teams painted murals on DOC huts. The final huts are out there which is also super cool. It was a fun challenge where the teams got to be creative and vent some of their Block frustration through a paint brush.

What's your favourite paint colour?

Green, orange, yellow, brown. It's not possible to choose one.

Favourite power tool or other home improvement gadget?

Does having a green thumb count as a tool? My tool kit is a work in progress, it's pretty pitiful for the amount of tinkering I like to do. I'm always wanting to make things (my current task is making a desk out of old wood I've found) and at the moment the most useful tool has been a Japanese trimming saw that I picked up in California.

Favourite room of the house?

Whatever room is connected to the deck/outdoor area. Whether it be the kitchen, living or dining room, I love a big display of windows and ranch sliders connecting the outdoors with that part of the home you spend so much time in.

How would you describe your DIY skills and how have they improved since you've been on the show?

I have always been pretty crafty and keen to get things done. I think it was just how I was raised and the environment I grew up in. If the gate doesn't close, find a way to MAKE it close, even temporarily, otherwise it's your fault the cows are running all over the farm. Plus, I think it's in our makeup to want to do a bit of DIY and upkeep of our living environment.

What sort of Block team do you think you and your co-host Mark Richardson would make?

I have a feeling we both know what we like but that we would be patient and listen to each other. However, there will definitely be moments of agreement, agreeing to disagree and all-out war on what colour to choose.

Who is the toughest judge and why?

The teams and the viewers. Each team is hard on themselves and strives for the best and the viewers really do hold the contestants to their work, good and bad.

Finally, where would you like the next series to be set?

I'm really into tiny houses at the moment so it would be great to pick 10 teams and have a tiny house building competition somewhere that shows off the gorgeous countryside of New Zealand. They're homes on wheels, so if you wish to move it you can take it anywhere.

The Block NZ,  7.30pm, Tuesdays to Fridays, TV3.