The TV Guide's top 5 picks of the week


Not sure what's good on TV? The TV Guide has rounded up the five best shows this week.

Dying to come back

Remember the joke about the cemeteries being so full because everyone is dying to get there? Well, in the town of Arcadia, Missouri, the reverse is happening as the dead are returning in numbers that are beginning to overwhelm the living. Things reach a crisis point in this week's final of US sci-fi series, Resurrection, as chaos begins to reign in Arcadia, causing Bellamy to ask for outside aid. But Sheriff Fred Langston's actions instead trigger a siege. Can the dead die twice? (TV2, Thursday, 8.30pm)

Driven by rage

Most comedians have a story or five about driving but if you want to hear all of them, the TV3 comedy special AotearoHa: Driving Stories may be the show to tune in to on Friday. Urzila Carlson hosts the show dedicated entirely to the horrors of driving on New Zealand roads and how we react to it. Yes, even comedians can lose their sense of humour behind the wheel of a car. Briefly, that is - until they realise the streets are paved with comedy gold. (TV3, Friday, 9.40pm)

Who? Me?

Come in number 12, your time is now! That's Doctor Who number 12, by the way, as will be played by Peter Capaldi, also known as the foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker from the Brit comedy The Thick Of It. Or is it technically number 13 after John Hurt's brief appearance? Whatever - the day that Doctor Who fans have been waiting for has finally arrived with Capaldi assuming the controls of the Tardis and charging off to save the universe, starting with a two-hour special episode. Wouldn't it be great if he did a Malcolm Tucker on the Daleks? (Prime, Sunday, 7.30pm)

Home again

Australia's answer to Downton Abbey is back this week, with the second series of A Place To Call Home beginning on TV1. The mysterious Sarah Adams spent most of the first season inadvertently putting a few bombs under the aristocratic Bligh household and now the debris is beginning to fall where it will. They've already had to fish one body out of the pond and quite a few skeletons have been falling out of cupboards along the way. Bligh matriarch, Elizabeth, will be having kittens if this carries on. (TV1, Sunday, 9.35pm)

The big sleep

Publicity for this week's final of US fantasy horror series Sleepy Hollow says "the battle between good and evil comes to a head". And if you can't see what's funny about that, you haven't been paying attention. Ichabod and Abbie discover that they must free Katrina from Purgatory to contain the second horseman, War. However, Katrina can only be freed by one of the Witnesses making the ultimate sacrifice. Volunteers, anyone? (Prime, Tuesday, 8.30pm)