Kiwi lad catches Taylor Swift's eye

A former Dunedin lad now living in Britain has earned a famous admirer - pop superstar Taylor Swift.

Ben Wombwell - who also taught in Wellington, including at Khandallah School, before moving overseas - appeared on last Friday's Graham Norton Show for the red chair segment, which sees everyday people share funny stories.

After introducing himself as a primary school teacher, and taking the typical jibes about his accent, Swift interrupted asking to meet him.

"Where is he? Where can we find him?," Swift asked, to hooting and cheers from the crowd.

Norton then asks her to take a deep breath and she says "I've got it in check".

She can also be heard fawning over Wombwell as he says he is a primary school teacher.

The Taieri Musical Society posted the clip on its Facebook page, saying Wombwell performed the role of Freddy Eynsford-Hill in its 2011 production of My Fair Lady, with other credits including Grease and Footloose.

Wombwell's own fair lady appeared to thoroughly enjoy his story of a museum misadventure, as did Norton and the rest of the guests, who allowed him to walk from the red chair, a sign that the tale was a good one.

One person Swift was not as enamoured with was comedian John Cleese, who insulted her cat as she sat beside him on the chat show sofa.

"How did it have the accident?," he asked when shown a picture of Olivia Benson, Swift's Scottish Fold cat.

"Is that a proper cat? Is it damaged irrevocably? It's the weirdest cat I've ever seen in my life," Cleese said.

Both were cat lovers but Swift was clearly taken aback by the question.

Norton went on to show Cleese's massive moggie, which Swift described as a monster.

Later, Cleese made a dubious comparison between cats and women.

"I much prefer cats, they are unpredictable and cussid, much like women."

Swift was quick to avoid any sexist argument, saying "Oh, we don't want to do that".

The show has not screened in New Zealand but will in the next couple of weeks.