Carrie Diaries coming to TV

17:00, Sep 15 2011
Sarah Jessica Parker
CARRIED AWAY: Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of Sex and the City in 2003.

Carrie Bradshaw is coming back to the small screen but 20 years younger, in high school and with no familiar friends.

According to industry reports in the US, the same network that produces teen drama Gossip Girl, has purchased the rights to the book, The Carrie Diaries, and plans to create a series which may be coming to TV in less than a year.

The Carrie Diaries was written by the original author of Sex and The City, Candace Bushnell, and chronicles the trials and tribulations of Carrie through her teenage years.

While Carrie is the star of the book, the characters of Charlotte and Miranda do not exist.

Samantha makes a fleeting appearance but the central characters include Donna LaDonna as the most popular girl in school, Carrie's younger sisters Missy and Dorrit and her teenage Mr Big-type love interest Sebastian Kydd.

Fans of Sex and The City, which spanned six seasons and two movies, will notice some discrepancies within the novel.


In the season four episode "A Vogue Idea", Carrie, who rarely discussed her family, mentioned that her father left her and her mother when she was a child.

"You think it's as simple as my dad walked out therefore I'll always be screwed up about men?" she asked Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha over brunch.

However in the book, Mr Bradshaw dotes on his eldest daughter.

The Carrie Diaries was published last year and was followed up by the release of Summer In The City in April, which follows Carrie's first move to the Big Apple as she plans to become a playwright.

Bushnell has since signed a four-book deal and is now working on two more instalments.

The new TV series will be created by Gossip Girl producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwatz.

Reports also suggest that original Sex and The City co-producer and writer Amy B. Harris will work with Bushnell to adapt the story to the small screen.

Sex and The City creator Michael Patrick King wants nothing to do with the proposed prequel.

"My Carrie Bradshaw started at 33, and I took her to 43. I didn't even want to know who Carrie Bradshaw's parents were because I thought she only existed in Manhattan," he said recently at the Television Critics Association's conference in Beverly Hills.

"So for me, the idea of going backwards and making her less evolved is something that I don't imagine doing," he added.

It is not known who will play a young Carrie, but the original played by Sarah Jessica Parker has been cryptically coy about the franchise that turned her into a fashion and pop cultural icon.

"To my knowledge there is no been conversation about Sex and the City 3 or a television series about the women at this particular moment in their lives nor has there been a conversation about a prequel," she told Sky News.

"But that is not to suggest that, there might be a Sex and The City 3 in the future, not in the near future, who knows?"

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