Patrick Gower's 'thug life' goes viral video


TV Political reporter, Patrick Gower's parody goes global.

He's one of New Zealand's most colourful broadcasting characters. And now TV3 political editor Patrick Gower has become an international internet sensation as a "news thug."

A short clip of the journalist shouting "This is the f***ing news" has gone viral after it was posted on Facebook by Australian rapper Fortafy. It has been viewed almost 1.5 million times on the social media site. 

And a You Tube clip of the scene from a Auckland Law School Revue skit  has been watched by 132,00 people.

It shows Gower loudly talking to the camera in a law library. Behind him an irate student pops up and yells "This is a f***ing library."

Gower responds with the obscenity, before turning back to the camera. The Brisbane-based rapper put the clip to music, calling the video  "3News thug life." 

It pans into a close up of Gower's face, with the caption "thug life."

Gower referenced his new-found fame in a tweet this morning: "I didn't choose the thug life - the thug life chose me #thuglife "

Gower has since confirmed the clip was for a skit - and the irritate student was in on the joke.  He's surprised by the attention - but said that according to experts the video will only go "viral" when it reaches five million views. 

"It wasn't for the news...I hate to let everyone down with the truth but it was a skit, not a know me, I don't swear."

Nevertheless, Gower has taken the meme to heart and says he now wants to be known as "TuPat" after the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

"I'm a news gangster and that's what it means, don't get in the way of the news. That's my mantra." 

He reckons 3News should adopt his line as a marketing slogan.

"You can sort of hear [newsreaders] Hilary [Barry] and Mike [McRoberts] saying it, can't you? Kia ora, good evening, this is the f***ing news."

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