Hulk Hogan heading to New Zealand

HULKAMANIA DOWN UNDER: Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan said he is planning to bring his Total Nonstop Action Wrestling co-stars to New Zealand.
HULKAMANIA DOWN UNDER: Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan said he is planning to bring his Total Nonstop Action Wrestling co-stars to New Zealand.

Hulkamaniacs rejoice! King of big time wrestling Hulk Hogan plans to to visit New Zealand.

Hogan – real name Terry Bollea – wants to let his Kiwi fans see him and his TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) co-stars competing live.

TNA Impact Wrestling started screening this month on Sky TV channel the BOX.

"I know we are new in the marketplace there and we really want to make a good footprint everywhere we go," Hogan told Sunday News from Orlando, Florida.

"And since the response has been so incredible already from your country, we really want to follow it up.

"We not only want to send the show there and make sure everybody knows about us and sees and loves the show, but we also want to come to the marketplace there and service the people with a live show.

"You tell me when your next summer is and that's when I'll be there.

"If you guys get the show red-hot and the numbers and ratings go through the roof, we'll be there a lot quicker."

Hogan said he had been eager to visit New Zealand after being told about it by Kiwi professional wrestlers Butch Miller and Luke Williams, who starred as tag team the Bushwhackers.

"I haven't been to New Zealand before but we are really looking forward to coming over, having you take us around your beautiful country and showing us the sights.

"My friends Butch and Luke – the Bushwhackers, who I worked with all through the 80s and 90s – have told me all about how beautiful the place is.

"They talked to me several times back then about coming down for a visit but I was so busy wrestling and running around chasing my tail doing TV shows and kids movies and stuff that I never had a chance to come your way."

The 2.01m, 137kg 12-time world professional wrestling champion is impressed by our national game.

"I've heard all about the All Black rugby team. They are tougher than the football players here in America, that's what I do know.

"They play without pads, it's non-stop and they just keep hittin'. They seem to hit high, they seem to hit low, and they seem to be able to do everything.

"They are a whole different breed of athlete – they are really something."

At 58, the wrestler, movie star, TV personality and singer is still a very busy man.

"It's getting really crazy again. I had a bunch of back surgeries ... but I'm back on my feet now, I'm training and every once in a while I'll jump in the ring and Hulk up on some people.

"I got remarried and I've got a young wife who is 36 years old. She kinda puts a little spring in my step, you know.

"I'm busy with TNA and here in the United States, I do a bunch of endorsements and commercials and life is really good.

"But I gotta say, TNA and Impact Wrestling is my main focus now."

Hogan is a six-time WWF/WWE Champion, six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and former WWE World Tag Team Champion.

"I've been around since 1977 and I love this business; it's in my blood.

"I was a bad guy for a while, then a good guy for a while and I think the fans saw the [TV] reality show, Hogan Knows Best, and saw that I was a dad and a husband, and that I had the normal problems like everybody else does with paying the bills and that sort of thing," he said.

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