John Oliver names his favourite New Zealand flag design

Satirist John Oliver has reviewed the final 40 flag options on his weekly show and concluded they were "pretty boring".

British comedian John Oliver has urged New Zealanders to vote for a flag design which features a singing egg and an explosion.

The satirist reviewed the final 40 flag options on his weekly show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and concluded they were "pretty boring".

"You are going about this with the enthusiasm of a distant uncle buying a birthday present for a two-year-old nephew," Oliver said.

John Oliver often targets New Zealand on his satirical show.

John Oliver often targets New Zealand on his satirical show.

"'I just need something that has three colours and takes up physical space'."


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He instead highlighted some of the other flag submissions, including Eggsplosion, created by Canterbury's Jeong Hyuk Fidan.

The accompanying caption says: "Because New Zealanders like eggs and explosions are cool."

Oliver declared Fidan's to be the best flag design.

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"Please New Zealand, I'm begging you, when it comes time to vote for your new flag write 'Eggsplosion' down because that's the greatest thing I've ever seen."

Oliver, who has previously mocked New Zealand's flag debate, also mentioned the numerous flag designs featuring the kiwi, which he said "looks less like a bird and more like a dumb fat mouse who got its face stuck on a straw".

He took a shine to a flag featuring a kiwi shooting green laser beams from its eyes, titled Fire the Lazar! and created by James Gray of Auckland.

"You would remember that flag," Oliver said.

"If you ever saw that flag, it would be impossible not to immediately pledge allegiance to it."

A flag titled New Zealand's true nature, by Dominic Geddys-Cook from Bay of Plenty, was also praised by Oliver.

"How did this one not make the cut? The title is New Zealand's true nature and it looks like a very confused child's depiction of where they think babies come from.

"That would be an incredible flag."

New Zealand is regularly lampooned by Oliver on his show, which reaches an audience of about one million in the United States and millions more on YouTube.

Prime Minister John Key made it onto the show in April for his ponytail-pulling antics, as did fellow minister Steven Joyce last September, for his "pretty legal" defence over the National Party's use of a song that sounded like Eminem.

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