Game of Thrones fans spot huge spoiler

The arrival of Euron Greyjoy has Game of Thrones fans excited.

The arrival of Euron Greyjoy has Game of Thrones fans excited.


Game of Thrones fans are in a tizzy after a new character was reportedly sighted during filming of the sixth season.

Danish actor Pilou Asbaek has reportedly been cast as the fearsome Euron Greyjoy setting the scene for the death of one Game of Thrones character.

The uncle of Theon and Yara, Euron is a wildly-aggressive and cunning pirate who runs a ship crewed entirely by mutes whose tongues he pulled out.


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A report by GoT fan site Watchers on the Wall claims Asbaek was spotted shooting at Northern Ireland's Ballintoy Harbour for the show's sixth season. The Watchers said a crowd could be seen cheering for Euron, who is known as Crow's Eye - thanks to his eye patch.

But while fans knew that HBO had put out a casting call for someone who matched the description of Euron "Man in his 40s to late 50s. He's an infamous pirate who has terrorised seas all around the world. Cunning, ruthless, with a touch of madness", it's where Euron has been sighted and the actors also in that location that has them in a frenzy.


Ballintoy is home to an incredible Irish rope bridge.

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That one fact is seen by fans as confirmation that Theon and Yarra Greyjoy's father Balon is going to die in Season 6.

Balon Greyjoy was killed off in book three. The news was broken to Catelyn Stark on her way to the Red Wedding.

"There was a blow coming in from the west, rain and thunder, and old King Balon was crossing one of them bridges when the wind got hold of it and just tore the thing to pieces. He washed up two days later, all bloated and broken. Crabs ate his eyes, I hear."

Balon's death in the books came on a rope bridge. Fans have long suspected that the King's death was a plot by Euron to take over the Iron Islands. With Euron filming in the same location, it looks pretty certain that Balon will in fact die.

But just in case non book readers need more proof, Balon's name was one of the three called by Melisandre when she threw leeches in the fire. The other names were Joffrey (dead) and Robb Stark (dead). It really is only a matter of time.


Two other important characters have also been spotted in what fans believe is Ballintrae.

Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy, posted an ocean view photo on Instagram this week. Fans speculated the location could be Port Ballintrae, just 20 minutes from Ballintoy Harbour - the same location where Euron was spotted filming.

At the end of season five, Theon was last seen with Sansa Stark potentially jumping to their deaths to escape House Bolton. Mentally unstable Ramsay Bolton tortured Theon into the submissive, sickly Reek and raped and abused Sansa Stark. At the very least, the photo means that Theon has escaped from Bolton's clutches. But could Euron and Theon team up to get revenge on the Boltons?

Or has Theon come home to help his sister Yara fight off her uncle?

Gemma Whelan, who plays Theon's sister has also been spotted by fans in the same area of Northern Ireland.

A popular theory of those who have read the books is that Euron had his brother Balon murdered so he could take control of the Iron Islands. Strong-willed fighter Yara would be unlikely to give up her homeland without a fight - and maybe she has asked for her brother's help.

At the very least be prepared for Season six of Game of Thrones to include a lot more of the Greyjoys.

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