Recap: The first rooms on The Block NZ are revealed


Jamie and Hayden took a risk with some bold colours for their "urban street" guest room.

The judges praised Jamie and Hayden for their take on a modern guest room.

Brooke and Mitch made the most of the beautiful bay windows in their villa.

Cushions provided a pop of colour in the bright and airy room.

Sarah and Minanne didn't realise quite how bright their paint colour would appear on the walls.

The judges weren't a fan of the haphazardly placed pot plants, either.

The crowning glory of Cat and Jeremy's room - the rhombus bed.

Classy colouring and accessories proved to be a winner for Cat and Jeremy.

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The Block NZ is back, and this season sees four plucky teams battling it out to restore old villas to their former glory. Here's what went down during the first room reveal...


The teams finish their guest rooms and face the judges, real estate agent Bernadette Morrison and interior designer Jason Bonham, for the first time. Host Mark Richardson reveals that this week's winning team will not only receive $5000 to go towards their houses, but they will also get their pick of any of the villas.

In House One, the judges love Cat and Jeremy's room, describing it as a calm, relaxing space - exactly what a bedroom should be. It's a hit, and the couple are awarded 16 points out of 20, the highest score of the week.

Unfortunately, it's bad news for Sarah and Minanne across the hall, who have had a disastrous first week. The room is barely finished, and the purple colour choice looks like "Barbie meets Barney". Jason describes the room as being "like the apocalypse". They get 5.5 points - the lowest score in the history of The Block NZ.

Brooke and Mitch are praised for their interpretation of the brief in their House Two room, but the judges aren't too shook on the modern door they have put in. They receive a score of 13, which they are disappointed with.

Also in House Two is Jamie and Hayden's "urban street" guest room, which, with its black walls, the judges say is "different in a good way". They get a total of 12 points.

Cat and Jeremy's painting skills saw them take out the first week of the competition.

Cat and Jeremy's painting skills saw them take out the first week of the competition.


I for one am disappointed that we didn't get the opportunity to see Hayden's eagerly anticipated DIY artwork, that he intended to hang on the feature wall of his and Jamie's room. "The idea of the artwork would be not to be completely beautiful or anything like that, but to generate thought and hopefully visual interaction," Hayden explained earnestly.

Unfortunately, Jamie wasn't sold on the idea, and quickly shot down Hayden's artistic sensibilities, claiming the masterpiece would "take away" from the wall. And what Jamie says, goes.

Hayden consoles Jamie after an emotional first week on The Block.

Hayden consoles Jamie after an emotional first week on The Block.


It was tense times when Cat and Jeremy thought they had missed the opening hours of the shop that was selling the artwork they decided to base their room around. So naturally, they rejoiced when they found out the shop owner had decided to open on a Saturday for the first time ever. What a lucky coincidence!


The cruel mistress that is Auckland's weather refused to play nice this week. Our teams woke up to a frost, and poor Cat was forced to run to the shower in nothing but a towel. Surely there is a risk of frostbite here? The only ones who can possibly be safe from the elements are Christchurch couple Brooke and Mitch, or as Mark describes them, the "winter-hardened southerners". 


We're loving Cat and Jeremy's rhombus-shaped daybed. Lord knows how anyone with a human-shaped body could ever hope to recline on it. But it looks cool, and gives us an excuse to say the word "rhombus". And that's all that matters.

Sarah and Minanne, touching up their, erm, bits.

Sarah and Minanne, touching up their, erm, bits.


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When Sarah and Minanne paid neighbours Brooke and Mitch a house visit, this delightful exchange ensued:
Mitch (while sanding down his walls): "I'm just touching up some bits I'm not happy with."
Sarah: "Wanna touch up my bits?"

Brooke works how how she will possibly get everything done to finish the villa on time.

Brooke works how how she will possibly get everything done to finish the villa on time.


During the same visit, a bit of banter quickly turned into something more ominous when Sarah snidely pointed out Brooke and Mitch's mismatched skirting board. Perhaps Brooke was already feeling vulnerable thanks to Sarah's euphemistic "bits" comment. Whatever the reason, an emboldened Brooke quickly got her claws out, referring to the sisters as "dicks". 

"I knew they were going to be annoying," she muttered. "They're screaming to be punched in the face."


This season Pita Pit has joined The Block NZ as a programme partner, so some falafel action was to be expected. Despite absolutely everything going wrong for Sarah and Minanne this week, they still managed to find the time to not-so-subtly chow down on some pitas.


With their cute, cuddly, happy-go-lucky natures, you may be forgiven for significantly underestimating Cat and Jeremy earlier on this week. But their incredible room reveal results this early on prove the 'Naki natives could be the ones to beat. Next week we'll find out whether they decide to stay in House One, or make the move to another villa. 

Let us know what you thought about the first room reveal episode in the comments.

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