Staff on 3D were given just six days to save the show

Paula Penfold has shared 3D's six-day deadline on Twitter.

Paula Penfold has shared 3D's six-day deadline on Twitter.

Staff on current affairs show 3D say they have been given six days to figure out a way to stop their ship from sinking.

A statement from the show's parent company Mediaworks on Wednesday, said they were proposing to axe the show at the end of the year.

TV3 head of news Mark Jennings said the proposed change was "not a reflection on the talented people who make the show", but rather a matter of whether it was "commercially viable" given how media consumption habits are changing.

Reporter Paula Penfold tweeted on Wednesday that it was "a shame when your kids find out your bad news before you've had a chance to tell them", saying she was still in the staff meeting receiving the news when it got out.

However, she says it's not over yet.

Duncan Garner expressed his condolences on Twitter, saying "Feeling for all my colleagues on 3D - tough, tough day".

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Penfold responded "It's not over yet, luckily we've been given six days to come up with a plan to save the programme".

There has been an outpouring of support on social media, with fans lamenting the loss of long-form journalism with many comments along the lines of "first Campbell Live, now 3D".

Kiwi songstress Anika Moa even joked that 3D should take a leaf out of recently renewed The Bachelor NZ's book by putting shirtless or bikini-clad journalists on screen instead.

But all jokes aside, there is no suggestion yet as to how 3D can be saved.

The axing comes after the show was bumped from its Sunday night slot to Monday night, a move widely seen as a vote of little confidence.

It also comes off the back of TV3 also announcing its reality shows MasterChef and X Factor have been cut from it 2016 line-up due to ratings, which have taken a hit company-wide following the cancellation of Campbell Live.

It is understood TV3 staff have been advised not to comment.

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