Charlie Sheen predicted HIV diagnosis in dream

The Today Show

Actor Charlie Sheen is HIV Positive. He shared his diagnosis on The Today Show on Wednesday morning.

Charlie Sheen predicted his HIV diagnosis in a dream more than 20 years before it became reality.

The former Two and a Half Men star went public with his health crisis in November, revealing he has been battling the condition for four years and has spent millions trying to keep it a secret.

Charlie has now revealed he had a spooky dream at the age of 28 in which he predicted he would be diagnosed with the virus.

Charlie Sheen has offered publishers his memoirs - for NZ$15 million.

Charlie Sheen has offered publishers his memoirs - for NZ$15 million.

The actor makes the admission in a television interview with Dr Mehmet Oz, which is due to air in the US on January 11, telling the doctor, "[In the dream], I had a sign around my neck that said, 'AIDS'."

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During the appearance, Charlie shares his new health and fitness regime with Oz, and opens up about his new-found love of jogging and yoga, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

Charlie recently spoke out about his hope to make HIV and AIDS medication more affordable because so many sufferers in the US struggle to find the money to pay for their treatment.

"I have to take three pills each day. The total cost is about $4,000 a month," he told

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"I know that's prohibitive to a lot of people's economic scenarios. Perhaps in my research, and in my journey, we can help develop ways that make it affordable for all."

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