Dream team for new drama Blindspot: Aussie stunt star Ky Furneaux and actress Jaimie Alexander


Blindspot screens 8.30pm on Sundays on TV One.

Fighter, survival expert, super hero, Navy SEAL - there's not a hell of a lot Ky Furneaux can't do.

With 15 years of experience as an outdoor guide, she's appeared on multiple survival reality shows, written a survival book for women, and completed a 125-mile trek across the Sierra Nevada mountain range "with just a pocket knife,  living off the land".

Technically, she's retired stunt woman. But like she says: "I'm the busiest retired stunt woman I've ever seen".

Because on top of all this, the 42-year-old Aussie is also stunting in one of the hottest breakout shows in the world, Blindspot.

You wouldn't know her face if you saw her, and you probably don't know her name, but Furneaux has starred in a host of action films, from Pirates of the Caribbean and Hancock, to Elektra and Catwoman, to Thor and The Avengers.

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Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, waking up in Times Square in upcoming TV series, Blindspot.

Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe, waking up in Times Square in upcoming TV series, Blindspot.

And throughout most of that time, she's been working alongside her best friend and the star of Blindspot, Jaimie Alexander.

"We met when Jaimie was working on [television series] Kyle XY. They brought a bunch of women in to fight in front of her - like a weird Stunt-woman Idol - and she chose me," says Furneaux.

They've been working together ever since, and whenever Alexander gets a part that requires a stunt double, she calls Furneaux.

"And unfortunately - because she's one of my best friends - she knows when I'm not doing anything, I can't even lie to her," she laughs.

"We've kind of morphed into each other over the years, become a little bit more like each other - we have the same mannerisms. Everyone who sees us outside of work thinks we're sisters. Until you hear the accent of course."

But Blindspot is one of only a few films they've worked on together which is set in the real world. It follows the story of Jane Doe, who wakes up in the middle of Times Square with no memories, no clothes, and a body covered in intricate tattoos.

As Alexander's character discovers new skills, Furneaux has to adapt.

"I would say that this is the biggest action show I've ever done. Jaimie's character realises she may well be a Navy SEAL so there's rarely an episode that goes by where I don't fight somebody, if not three or four fight sequences. I've never fought so much in my whole entire career," says Furneaux.

"It's a full time job for me here. Normally on a TV show you come in one or two days an episode, but I'm here five days a week. If I'm not rehearsing a fight sequence, I'm shooting some kind of action. It's so varied because Jane is so skilled, she just never knows what she's skilled in. So suddenly there's motorbikes, and I'm like 'oh, I can drive this', so off we go."

Luckily, she's been training and stunting so long she's yet to encounter anything which is beyond her, but says the show's fight coordinator Airon Armstrong is pushing her.

"His level of fighting that he expects from the character is far beyond any level that I've ever been expected to do, and I've done superhero movies and fought all kinds of people but what he wants to bring to the character is so complex, it's definitely pushing me - it's hard work, but it's so much fun."

"I love the physicality, pushing my body super hard, finding out what I can and can't do. And fighting comes really naturally to me, weirdly," she laughs.

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What's important about the character of Jane Doe, for both Furneaux and Alexander, is that she not be viewed as a superhero.

Alexander says there's such a fine line, and hero fans will still enjoy the show but they wanted to "set it in reality".

"Because I wanted to try to use this as a platform to create more of these roles for more actresses out there," says Alexander.

"If this is done well, it's just going to pave the way for things like that. I think [Jane Doe's] definitely got the potential to be an iconic female."

Blindspot, tonight, 8.30pm, TV1.

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