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Last updated 11:37 13/09/2012
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SHINING THROUGH: Mother and daughter socialites Sally and Jaime Ridge toasted the premiere of their reality show with close friends and the show's production crew.
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SHINING THROUGH: Mother and daughter socialites Sally and Jaime Ridge toasted the premiere of their reality show with close friends and the show's production crew.

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Last night's debut of The Ridges failed to attract as many viewers as the first show of The GC or New Zealand's Got Talent, and critics expect next week's ratings to be even lower.

The Ridges debut attracted 325,130 viewers, compared to the more than 370,000 The GC managed to draw in on its first night, according to Throng website, which compares television ratings.

The debut of New Zealand's Got Talent last Sunday attracted 934,820 viewers according to Nielsen.

While The Ridges may not have been as successful it still made it into the five most-viewed evening shows, following Fair Go, Keep Calm and Carry On, Two and a Half Men and Drug Bust.

One News was the most-watched show on New Zealand television yesterday, attracting more than double the amount of viewers than what The Ridges managed.

The programme has also been a Twitter success, with the topic trending throughout the show, over night and this morning.

But not all the feedback has been positive. In fact, some critics have said that while people tuned in to the first show to see what all the fuss was about, having watched it they are now unlikely to tune in again next week. Only time will tell.

TV3's spokeswoman Rachel Lorimer said that 351,000 viewers tuned into the show on TV3 and its repeat on TV3+1.

Despite the station's target demographic being those aged between 25 and 54, the show was a particular hit with families, she said.

The station had expected it to rate well as the mother and daughter duo's show had been a hot topic for months.

"Any show that has a lot of talk is likely to get a lot of people tuning in for the first episode - we're really happy with the numbers," Lorimer said.

It's been labelled pointless and self-centred but, after watching a full episode of their new reality TV show for the first time, the Ridges said last night that the show's producers ''kept our true colours in it''.

Mother and daughter socialites Sally and Jaime Ridge were last night toasting the premiere of the new show at Auckland's Sale St Bar. They were joined by production crew and close friends in a private room to watch the public debut of the six episode series.

The pair had forsaken the opportunity to watch rough cuts of the show at the advice of production crew. A Mediaworks publicist said it was likely they might have wanted to edit some of the footage if they didn't like what they saw.
The first episode followed the pair as they moved into a dilapidated house that Sally intended to fix up.  

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Jaime also spoke of the breakdown in the relationship between her mother and father, former rugby league star-turned-businessman Matthew Ridge, who was shown running from the show's film crew.

Sally said she laughed her head off while watching the show but it was a shock waiting to see what bit was going to come up next.

''We found it very entertaining, they certainly kept our true colours in it,'' she said.

''We aren't ashamed of any parts, at the end of the day if we were to be, we shouldn't have been doing it in the first place.''

Sally said she didn't feel exposed after the episode, it was just something different to do with her daughter.

Jaime said she ''did gasp a bit when I saw how high maintenance I can be''.

''But I'm pleased with the way it portrayed me, I don't really care what people think. I'm not hiding anything and I did this to show people.''

Stuff TV critic Chris Philpott said the show was boring to watch.

''It was tedious and they didn't do anything during the show,'' he said.

''The viewership was probably quite high which was what TV3 was expecting but it will drop off substantially. Next week will be a flop following the premiere.''

Philpott said although the Ridges were probably quite nice people, their lives didn't warrant a reality TV show, unlike those who are happy to be ridiculous.

''There's just nothing that draws you in,'' he said.

"'They should be embarrassed of the part where Matthew Ridge crossed the street. It's quite sad and I wouldn't want to have my dirty laundry aired on public television like that.''

Other viewers were equally unimpressed with the show and took to Twitter to air their views.

Twitter user @aaronfern described the show as ''self centred and egotistical''. ''Didn't expect anything different #TheRidges.''

Another Twitter user, @Nialler, said: ''such a pointless show, it's funny because it's not..#TheRidges''.

However, some were not ashamed to say that they liked it.

@JackieDoussau tweeted: "I was quite entertained tonight by #TheRidges had a good laugh! Will be tuning in next week for sure!"

The next episode follows Jaime as she prepares for the charity boxing bout she fought in July against another reality TV personality, The GC's Rosanna Arkle.

- Auckland Now


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