New Game of Thrones posters prove anything could happen in season 6

Game of thrones/Facebook

Heads will roll as the teaser for the forthcoming season of Game of Thrones suggests

New Game of Thrones posters have released ahead of the show's return in April and it's a reminder that no one is safe. 

Forget Jon Snow, literally everyone you care about is pictured in the new posters as new additions in the House of Black and White's totally creepy Hall of Faces. 

Need a reminder about what that means? 

Game of Thrones: literally anyone could be next to go.

Game of Thrones: literally anyone could be next to go.

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Every face in the Hall is from a dead person. It's what the Faceless Men – which is what Arya is training to be – use to create their disguises. 

Jon, Sansa, Tyrion, Oberyn, Jaime, Dany – they're all there. 

And no one knows what's going to happen next as we're now all about to surpass where George R.R Martin – the author of the original book series – got up to writing, and winter is no doubt coming.

You can see all of the posters on the official Game of Thrones Twitter account.

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