Bachelor NZ review: Two leave, and Naz reveals hitlist


The Bacholorettes were asked by Jordan to groom his favourite animals, dogs, and Naz crossed another contestant off of her hit list.

Two contestants left the show as the third episode of The Bachelor NZ unfolded with a heavy focus on dog grooming and de-sexing and another victory to the Machiavellian schemer Naz.

Naz turned playground grass to tip off Jordan that she reckoned Anna's intentions were far from pure, and barely suppressed a fit of the giggles as Jordan sent her rival home at the end of the show.

Host Mike Puru told her: "Your quest for true love ends here", but Anna retorted: "Not necessarily."

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Metz delivers the bad news to Jordan: she's going home.

Metz delivers the bad news to Jordan: she's going home.



She wasn't the only exit, with Samoan Princess Metz taking an early mark - but her reasons for quitting early were obscured with producers cutting away from her heart to heart with the Bachelor.

Jordan, a singlet, and a dog. Perfect date.

Jordan, a singlet, and a dog. Perfect date.

Jordan again turned to the water for a solo date with Storm, taking her kayaking then smearing chocolate mousse on her nose with a remarkably successful if ham-fisted seduction technique.

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Then he delivered out a group date that involved washing dogs, to the delight of animal-loving Nicole, who towed him aside for a chat about her trip to Samoa to de-sex dogs.

The other highlight of the episode was a further peek into Jordan's extensive singlet collection. This time, he rolled out the white with red stripes, and the red with white stripes.



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