The Bachelor NZ: 'I had twenty animals, now I have twenty-one' - Alicia


After a tearful goodbye Alicia will keep searching for the one who'll love her and her animals.

On Monday night, viewers watched on as an emotional Alicia Cowan from Te Awamutu farewelled the Hawaiian mansion and headed back home to her furry family.

With only ten bachelorettes now remaining, Cowan admits the competition is "starting to get serious."

"I wouldn't say (Jordan and I) had much of an opportunity to have chemistry," she said on Tuesday morning. 

Alicia left the mansion in a flood of tears.

Alicia left the mansion in a flood of tears.

"We only had a couple of catch-ups at cocktail parties, a group date and that one-on-one time tagged on the end of the last group date, which was really nice. To see if there was in chemistry (with Jordan) you'd really need that one full-day, that single date."

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It was back to the farm for Alicia Cowan.

It was back to the farm for Alicia Cowan.


Cowan said goodbye to Mauger and her fellow bachelorettes in a flood of tears, brought on by a 'cocktail of emotions'.

"It is hard, obviously, the cocktail parties aren't very long," she said. "Everybody wants some time with him, particularly if they haven't had a date that week."

"As the group gets smaller and people start to form connections with him, worries start to creep in. It is a cocktail of emotions, if you wish, they don't call it a 'cocktail party' for nothing."

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"I was really disappointed that I didn't get a single date, disappointment was a major factor behind the tears," she said.

Cowan quickly made an impression on The Bachelor NZ viewers, after introducing herself as the proud owner of 20 different pets, including a handful of cats.

The former bachelorette admitted that if Mauger wasn't an "animal lover" it would have been an "absolute deal-breaker".

"I had twenty (animals) and now I've got 21," she said.

"Two pigs, two sheep, Rambo the mini pony, about seven doves, my rabbit and some cats. All from rescues and from the SPCA when I worked there, it was inevitable that I was going to fall in love. They're all from rescues and I wanted to give them a forever home" she said.

"That's why I gave (Mauger) the USB (to meet my animals) on the first night," Cowan said. "If there was ever going to be potential there, he had to be an animal lover."

The 26-year-old file management officer said she entered the reality series with the best of intentions, eager to meet "someone special", settle down and eventually build on her family.

"Even with all my furry children, I am lonely, that's why I applied," she said.

"Everyone around me is getting married and having children and I can't wait to have that. Because I got chosen out of thousands of women, I thought it was a sign. Something I needed to explore to see if (Mauger) was the love of my life that I just hadn't met yet."

Monday night's cocktail party saw the usually vocal bachelorette hang back and instead, wait for Mauger to approach her - a decision Cowan said she would definitely make again, if given the chance.

"The reason I didn't approach him is because the last time I saw him, I'd actually given him a gift," she said.

"I felt like it was his turn to come and approach me and if he didn't, I was going to stick by my approach. I didn't want to come off desperate."

Now, as the competition reaches the halfway mark, genuine chemistry and connections between Mauger and the remaining girls are clear.

Cowan believes the final three will most likely come down to bachelorettes Storm, Rebecca and Fleur.

"They've all had quite good single date connections with Jordan," she said.

"I would have to say Naz is the least compatible with Jordan, I've thought Naz for a while. There must be something that he sees in her that he likes, because he's keeping her around."

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