Five shows to watch now Game of Thrones is over

Depressed that Game of Thrones has ended for another year? Try these similar alternatives.

Depressed that Game of Thrones has ended for another year? Try these similar alternatives.

Did the epic season finale of Game of Thrones leave a Westeros-shaped hole in your life?

Ours too. This Monday is the first in 10 weeks where we haven't had a new Thrones episode to start the week. 

That's why we've put together this handy list of quality television to keep your eyeballs busy until the next season.

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1. The Last Kingdom (BBC)

It's the late ninth-century AD, and Saxon-controlled Britain is being overrun by waves of invading vikings. Only Alfred, King of Wessex, resists. Enter Uhtred, the son of a Saxon who is raised by vikings and bears more than a passing resemblance to Jon Snow.

The Last Kingdom was one of last year's most criminally underwatched shows. It's based on a series of historical novels by British writer Bernard Cornwell, who Thrones author George R R Martin has called "incomparable", and follows Uhtred as he helps Alfred take back England from the vikings. Season Two is set to air on Netflix, so expect this one to go big soon.

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2. Rome (BBC/HBO)

Also produced by HBO, Rome is in many ways a kind of prototype for Game of Thrones. It's where HBO learned to make a big-budget drama in an exotic setting, with a big cast and complicated plotlines.

It's set in Rome at the beginning of the empire, and like GOT it follows a large range of characters through a twisting plot packed with battles, betrayals, political intrigue, and incest. Sound familiar?

3. The Borgias (Showtime)

In the sixteenth century, the papacy was a very different beast. Rodrigo Borgia (played here by a brilliant Jeremy Irons) became Pope thanks to a combination of bribery and murder, and proceeded to run the Catholic Church to benefit his own family.

Packed with so much sex and intrigue it makes Thrones seem G-rated, The Borgias is kind of like Thrones if it were only the Lannisters. So, it's pretty good.

4. The Sopranos (HBO)

Game of Thrones has been billed as "The Sopranos in Middle Earth". Does that make The Sopranos Game of Thrones in our world? Like Thrones, the show follows a group of warring families.

Except, instead of being members of noble houses in a pseudo-medieval world, they're Italian mafiosi in modern America. The Sopranos might lack the dragons, swords and fur cloaks of Thrones but the storytelling and characters are just as good - if not better.

5. Vikings (History Channel)

Guess what this one's about? If you guessed vikings, you are right. It's the story of the adventures of the mythical viking king Ragnar Lothbrok, who discovers Britain and goes on to rob its churches and murder its people.

If Vikings sometimes lacks some of the subtlety of Thrones, it makes up for it in beautiful cinematography and some memorable performances.

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