TVNZ's Peter Williams' anti-crime plan: no watch, wedding ring or credit card in Rio


The veteran broadcaster says he'll be taking "enough cash to keep the robbers satisfied" if he's targeted during Olympics.

Veteran broadcaster Peter Williams will be playing it safe when he heads out to Rio to cover the Olympics next week. 

When Nadine Chalmers-Ross asked Williams on TVNZ's Breakfast if the stories crime against visitors in Rio - which have included the robbery of Kiwi ju-jitsu fighter Jason Lee - worried him, Williams was philosophical. 

"It just reinforced the security advice we've been given," said Williams, who was rejoined on the Breakfast team by Rawdon Christie after his unexpected holiday. "It's about being as unobtrusive as possible. No flash watches, don't look rich.  

FFXENT. Supplied image of Peter Williams for Mastermind.

FFXENT. Supplied image of Peter Williams for Mastermind.

"I'm taking my wedding ring off, taking my watch off before I leave home, not carrying a credit card on me, just cash - enough cash to hand over to keep the robbers satisfied."

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Williams also revealed TNVZ would be providing its team with "old style phones" so their newer phones don't attract unusual attention. 

"It's all about being careful and going in twos," he said.  

TVNZ have still to make an announcement on the future of the Breakfast team of Christie, Williams and Nadine Chalmers-Ross.


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