New radio show Collage to be a "mish mash" of Manawatu youth creativity

Madison Hunt, left, and Maquaela McKinnon-Peel, the new youth Collage radio show presenters, on Sunday nights on Access ...
Karoline Tuckey

Madison Hunt, left, and Maquaela McKinnon-Peel, the new youth Collage radio show presenters, on Sunday nights on Access Manawatu.

A new radio show featuring Manawatu young people has broken onto the airwaves. Manawatu Standard reporter Karoline Tuckey talked with presenters Maquaela​ McKinnon-Peel and Madison Hunt about it.

The Collage show launched on Sunday on Access Radio 999am, and is going to be a feast of creativity, its presenters say. 

Maquaela and Madison, both year 13 students at Feilding High School, were recruited to the Creative Youth Council (CYC) especially to take over the project. 

"The main idea of the show is to have original music, we do interviews with the artist of the song about it, and play it," Madison said. 

The show will focus on youth, and especially on all spheres of creativity, but will probably go wider, Maquaela said. 

"Our aim is not only to talk about the creative side of the community, but also the serious political bits - to put them across so youth can understand. 

"So when they decide to vote they know what's going on." 

Both were excited about the positive tone of the show. 

"The CYC's job in the community is try to promote as much creativity as possible, so with a radio show we could promote all the creative stuff that's happening, and all the creative people," Maquaela said. 

"There's so many creative people from our community out there, there's so many different painters and musicians, that people don't know about."

Sunday's inaugural show featured an interview with twice-Manawatu Rockquest winners, heavy metal band Constant Decay, a talk with Miss Teen Manawatu Hannah Sowman, and a talk about the Palmerston North Girls' High School exhibition at Square Edge. 

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The process to create it involved "lots of laughing, and dealing with the joys of technology", Madison said. 

"I love the idea that I can be talking to someone and someone I've never met can listen and get something from it."

The show is on weekly, every Sunday from 7pm to 8pm. 

"We want everyone to get involved, and even if you're not in the creative arts then we want people to tell us about other people," Maquaela said. 

Ideas for the show can be passed on through Collage999am on Facebook and Twitter.  

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