Anika Moa on her new Maori TV talk show: 'I really want to interview John Key'

Anika Moa is the host of Maori TV's All Talk With Anika Moa.

Anika Moa is the host of Maori TV's All Talk With Anika Moa.

When Maori Television announced it was giving Anika Moa her own talk show, the musician tweeted it would be like a, "Train wreck with Maori words".

"I want to interview Jennifer Lawrence, Helen Clark. I really, really want to interview John Key – I've actually kissed him before and I gave him lipstick lips but that's not enough. I love Temuera Morrison and I love actors. I just basically love famous people," she says, of her dream guest list for All Talk With Anika Moa.

"I just love talking to people about life and wondering what movies they're doing and who they're seeing."

Anika Moa says she doesn't watch herself on TV.

Anika Moa says she doesn't watch herself on TV.

Moa admits she is basically just a nosy person.

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Moa, whose TV hero is Graham Norton, says she will be aiming to make her guests as comfortable as possible – "So they can open up".

Moa is no stranger to television. She took part in the documentary series Songs From The Inside and has a regular web series in which she interviews notable Kiwis.

She is rapt that NZ On Air agreed to fund 10 episodes of her own talk show.

"If they had turned it down I would have been bummed out," Moa says.

"I'm so stoked and very humbled and I mean that because I've worked so hard to get to this point.

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"My life is full of kids and drama and craziness, so it's just a blessing to get this TV show and I do not take it for granted," says the mother of three, admitting she never watches herself on screen.

"I never watch video clips. I just do it, forget it and move on because you know what women are like. We just go, 'I am so ugly, I'm so fat, oh I hate myself'. So I just don't watch it.

"I actually did a promo shoot for Maori TV and when I picked my kids up from school they went, 'Oh mama, you're so beautiful'.

"And I thought, 'They've never seen me in makeup because I'm just always haggard and old and gross'. It's just such a dramatic difference to being a mother."

All Talk With Anika Moa, Maori TV, starting Thursday September 29.

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