'A lasting legacy of people's craziness'

16:00, Mar 23 2013
Retired detective inspector Graham Bell is the host of Police Ten 7, screening 7.30pm, Thursdays on TV2.

Retired detective inspector Graham Bell is the host of Police Ten 7, screening 7.30pm, Thursdays on TV2. Here he answers the tough questions...

Handshake, hug, or cheek-kiss? Depends who it is - All three can have the right moment. But I am not in the habit of kissing my mates on the cheek - or hugging them either, for that matter.

What is the scariest movie of all time? The Wizard of OZ - true! My cousin and I ran out of it when we were children, when it screened at Frankton's Vogue Theatre. We laugh about it now, but I still find it a bit scary, for a host of other reasons.

Whose Greatest Hits would you take to a desert island? Bob Dylan's. If that wasn't available, I'd opt for Paul Simon or The Eagles.

When was the last time you turned off your phone? Last night - and every night. After all those years of being on-call in the police, it is something I treasure: an uninterrupted night of sleep.

Have you ever done anything illegal? Of course! We have all been young and silly, haven't we? Like everyone else, I have also been issued with the occasional traffic ticket.

When did you last get in a fight? During my police years, making arrests. Nobody ever wins a street fight; everyone loses. I have scars and disfigurements that are a lasting legacy from other people's craziness.

Do you have any recurring dreams? Yes. You are not getting any more than that. And I won't say who might be in it/them!

What's something you disapprove of? Lowering the drinking age to 18. It has been an unmitigated disaster which has changed the social fabric of our society.

Who's your favourite New Zealander? Reluctant to name one in particular, but Neil Finn is up there for his musical contribution to our culture. 

What are you insecure about? Personal health and welfare for my wife and me into our old age. I spend a bit of time worrying about that.

Planes, trains or automobiles? I love train travel and classic cars. We recently took a trip right across America. Did the whole thing by train and it was fantastic. I also own a 1958 International pickup truck that we love to travel around in. It has a lot of modifications that improve the ride and power. 

What's your comfort food? Roast meat and vegetables with lashings of real gravy.

Got any cool scars? Yes, too many. Most are from rugby and some are from criminals. Are scars cool?

Optimist or pessimist? Mostly an optimist but I'm inclined to prepare for 'worst case scenario'. So I guess that is a bit pessimistic.

Do you believe in ghosts? Or angels? Or vampires? No, no and no.

Talk us through your daily grooming routine. Clean teeth (electric toothbrush), shave (safety razor), shower, deodorant, aftershave, then get dressed... Then change whatever my wife doesn't like the look of.

Give your teenaged self some advice. Relax, Don't worry so much about things you can't change. Actually, you DO NOT know better than all the older people giving you advice.

Have you been skinny-dipping as an adult? You expect me to admit that?! Here?!

Police Ten 7, screening 7.30pm, Thursdays on TV2.


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